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European pay TV added 10 million new pay TV homes last year and will reach 152 million by 2017. Telcos took IPTV from 20 million to 25 million in the past year and will reach 43.3 million customers across Europe, doubling in just 6 years.

The largest Pay TV players will still be News Corp with Sky, Liberty Global in cable and Vivendi With DTH and IPTV plays. Right behind them will be Deutsche Telekom,France Telecom and Iliad’s Free. These will grow both within IPTV and through the addition of DTH services to run alongside them.

European Telcos are growing there TV customers faster than any other segment of European pay TV and are set to become serious contenders holding their own in broadband and the quad play against cable companies.

We hear a lot about the higher broadband speeds of cable companies, but there is evidence that in Europe Telcos are embracing VDSL and vectoring to reduce the gap considerably.

Today France remains the toughest place to do business in pay TV in Europe and has the most pay TV individual contracts and market penetration, with countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium close behind.

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The pay TV industry will move from a position where cable is just about dominant, ahead of DTH, to a point where DTH satellite delivered pay TV will overtake cable as Europe’s favorite TV technology, as cable will continue to focus on triple play and broadband wins. At the same time IPTV will grow to become 25% of the total pay TV market, while pay DTT appears to be going backwards.

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