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Thursday 28 August, 2014

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Faultline - Exploring the technology and business models of triple and quadruple play
21 August, 2014
  Conditional Access Its all over, or is it just changing?
  So what can Ooyala bring to a Telco worth $65 billion
  Cord cutting in Europe? Really? Not just local growing pains?
  OTT ad views gain on back of rapid live and tablet growth
  The rise and rise of video game empires part 1
  In the first article in a 3 part series about Games, Alex Davies recounts the initial rise of gaming.  
  Buzz grows around Software Defined Video
  HbbTV moves towards common framework for cloud apps
  Adtrans FDV will help Telcos migrate faster to
  EPL warns over Twitter Vines users uploading clips close to being in 1905.1a standard
  Vidmind picks up 30 million Russian reasons to go OTT
  Apple shares hit another high, but revisionary pressures remain
  Deals, Launches and Products
7 August, 2014
  Apple and Samsung stop fighting, notice Chinese creeping up
  EBU churlishly talks down LTE, but has no answers of its own
  Arris paper calls for blinkered change to Homespot WiFi
  Telefonica GVT bid to make it Brazils top broadband player
  As you were: Canal+ swaps out Cisco for Wyplay afterall
  If Comcast shows its hand, it could make Iliad T-Mobile irresistible
  If India can get UHD channels, why cant America and Europe?
  Charter will complete CloudTV rollout in 2015
  Its time to take HBO over the top
  Apple CDN ready to carry streaming video
  Cablevision happy to pass 1 million hotspots early
  Liberty Global revenues up, subscribers too, debt still $42 billion
  Arris sales up 43%, growth in Latin America and CPE upgrades
  Deals, Launches and Products
31 July, 2014
  Nokia has a vision to bring broadcasters and cellcos together
  TV Upfront market falls has the time come for online video?
  Pace completes set top comeback but still faces OTT challenges
  OECD reports broadband access rising, fudges wireless figures
  MLB wants Comcast TWC merger scrapped
  Netflix to the FCC: Dont turn the internet into cable TV
  Turkeys AirTies opens DTH doorway for startup Octoshape
  Arris and Wurl team up to offer combination pay TV/OTT set top
  NanoTechs 4K library growing, but no sign of UHD net top sales spike
  Yearbook points to rude health for pay TV, slowdown in DVDs
  Huawei uses stadium play to showcase future networks
  Long road ahead for LTE in shared spectrum bands
  Deals, Launches and Products
24 July, 2014
  Comcast will build over 1 million commercial hotspots in US
  Poor awareness, content complacency; 4K TVs doomed to niche?
  Verizon video is for 2015, built around Multicast and Quantum TV
  Wireless Router aims to secure home WiFi sharing
  Takeover by the backdoor? BSkyB considers German/Italian job
  Broadcom bounces back now baseband drag has been written off
  Netflix flies past 50 million, gains ally in Verizon dispute
  Murdochs attempted purchase of Time Warner is an OTT play
  Tide towards cast dongles as decline in viewing from PCs continues
  Microsoft scraps Xboxs original content studio
  Vodafone takes fiber from Spain and gives it to Portugal
  Samsung is first major TV maker to deliver sub-$1,000 UHD set
  Deals, Launches and Products
17 July, 2014
  US video even more dominant, as European initiatives fail
  Quantum Dots may rejuvenate LCD screen technology
  Comcast pounces on PowerCloud to accelerate WiFi time to market
  KPN slips out 250,000 Homespots using FON software
  Dish free ride on TV Anywhere at heart of broadcaster annoyance
  Verizon calls truce on buffering, continues wider battle with Netflix
  Chinas Alibaba takes Divergent, Hunger games to the masses
  Channel 4 head calls for encrypted iPlayer from BBC
  Yahoo to spend cash mountain on mobile and video
  Thread could deliver smart home to ZigBee, but under Googles thumb
  Dish files FCC complaint on looming mergers, plans to bid on spectrum
  Ateme is now official new kid on the public encoding block
  CEA forecast - phones, tablets and TVs continue to lead
  EPB utility to petition FCC to expand gigabit fiber triple-play service
  Deals, Launches and Products
10 July, 2014
  Alcatel extends G.Fast into 10 Gbps era, gets closer to the home
  Gowex a blow struck against lackadaisical overseas regulation
  Mediaset looks to partner its way out of direct confrontation with Sky
  Orange plans OTT service around new HDMI stick
  DVB moves closer to full UHDTV with approval for Phase 1
  Tele2 sells Norway cellular arm, after missing out in auction
  Slim to divests Mexican assets to preempt Regulator action
  Advertising back on growth curve on the back of digital in-roads
  Global IPTV subscribers hit 100 million, fixed lines at 690 million
  Sony will make a profit on TVs this year but doesnt say how
  Upgraded Kinect for Windows announced to developer delight
  Samsung gives up video hub, talks up exciting new video products
  Yahoo finally has a show to compete with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon
  Deals, Launches and Products
3 July, 2014
  Mexicos regulator sinks teeth into Carlos Slim over market fixing
  Irish Electricity supplier to enable Vodafone quad play in Ireland
  5G for cellular just a fat-pipedream
  Aereo cannot take TV to the internet, but perhaps you can
  Verizon boosts CDN, but cellular letting video revolution slip away
  Google debuts Android Auto, adds 40 members to car alliance
  NanoTech launches universally compatible $300 UHD Net top
  Akamai report pans US 4K Readiness, charts IPv6 adoption
  Netflix readies Australia launch in secret
  US gets serious about choking ad revenue flow to OTT pirates
  Vodafone Greek TV partner stalked by Deutsche Telekom
  Deals, Launches and Products
26 June, 2014
  Google unveils Android TV net top, admits defeat for Chromecast?
  Aereo crushed by Court verdict Broadcasters plan next moves
  Twitter buys social TV platform SnappyTV
  Nest buys Dropcam for $555m, what now for Google in the smart home? unveils more AsiaPac wins, sees trouble at MoCA
  Swisscom puts recommendation center stage with ThinkAnalytics
  So how much bandwidth should telcos and cablecos plan for
  Comcast at 3 million WiFi Hotspots and counting
  YouGov report shows young expect free digital content
  Tablets are even cannibalizing smartphones for online TV
  Mozilla leak unveils Chromecast clone, using Firefox OS
  Opera buys AdColony for increased momentum in video adverts
  Deals, Launches and Products
19 June, 2014
  Amazon stuns with innovation, backed by AT&T Fire Phone deal
  FCC begins investigation into Netflix-ISP interconnection deals
  Patents must include an invention US Supreme Court persists
  Pay TV consolidation threatens traditional set top relationships
  Pixelworks opens to door on a new processing point for the screen
  WiFi may or may not be about offload, but its still a rising tide
  Connected Living Room Report predicts $957 billion revenue in 2020
  Pay TV operators risk losing control of the connected Home
  HbbTV Association absorbs Open IPTV Forum
  Video Index shows continued massive CAGR in mobile video views
  ActiveVideo claims UPC Hungary deal has already met all its targets
  Two steps forward for mobile batteries
  The faint hope of an Apple-Samsung patents truce remains alive
  Deals, Launches and Products
12 June, 2014
  Cisco VNI pushes on, video to be 79% of all traffic
  US cable operators more unpopular than ever
  US and Europe to get improved PlayStation TV for $100
  Netflix points congestion finger at Verizon, is told to cease and desist
  Regulators focus on excluding video services from cellular caps
  World Cup will be the biggest OTT event yet Starts tonight
  Getting rid of the set top observations from Connected TV Summit
  Half the US watches video on PCs and phones
  Missing, an Apple TV update
  Harmonic loads VOS onto HP servers for virtual encoder demo
  French game of Trnes almost over
  Flat TVs show world Cup blip, were not sure it marks a trend
  GSMA report says China out in front on M2M. IoT
  Two major US chipmakers cast their IoT votes
  Deals, Launches and Products
5 June, 2014
  Real US Game of Thrones - every bit as ruthless as HBO version
  Comeback for DTT in Germany following government commitment
  Investors relieved as Broadcom crashes out of cellular radios
  Google rumored to add 360 satellites to balloon and drone plan
  Video to become key differentiator for cellcos, in 15 - 20 year fight
  Telefonica completes offer for Prisa with no rival bids
  Apple sneaks in evolution instead of product revolution at WWDC
  Netflix says no to hardware and live sports licensing
  Cord cutting here to stay as viewers turn off traditional spot
  Samsung partners Oculus VR for media-focused phone headset
  Comcast offers businesses a way to join Homespot revolution
  LG blasts through $2,000 UHD TV price barrier with $1,499 set
  Deals, Launches and Products
29 May, 2014
  Apple to enter smart home at WWDC
  Verizon CEO sees gold in certain kinds of video
  Panasonic out of OLED as Sony hives off TV division
  Belgian court throws doubt on Telenet 800k sub deal for Interkabel
  The desecration of French cellular is our future
  EBU damning LTE Broadcast study compares apples with oranges
  FON signs Korea Telecom and Telstra, adds to homespot momentum
  Gowex lands contract to put free WiFi throughout Newcastle, UK
  Alcatel-Lucent; Telcos accelerating vectoring upgrades
  Google to create US-wide business WiFi network
  Inside Secure integration with Thomson encoders for Sky in Italy
  Ateme aims at playout encoders, fire anti GPU shot at Elemental
  Com Hem readies $800 million IPO to counter accumulated debts
  Ofcom calls for comments on complex plan of retuning and IP hybrids
  AT&T to open home automation door to a wider base of devices
  Deals, Launches and Products
22 May, 2014
  The AT&T question Does it really want a Latin American adventure?
  Irdeto now underpins Liberty Global OTT, so what did it use before?
  Google may buy Twitch videogame live-streaming site for $1bn
  Azuki shows Ericsson credentials at Anga, heading for Mediaroom 3.0
  Liberty Global CEO says Europe is so cool, but too competitive
  Multiscreen content rights need to catch up with the technology
  Ruckus virtualizes control plane for carrier class WiFi, targets cable
  WiFi is one gorgeous chaotic mess which works says iPass
  M7 buys KabelKiosk from Eutelsat, mulls German expansion
  Parks claims online TV views passing PCs, not news to our ears
  Ericssons 2020 Vision leaves too much unsaid
  FCC net neutrality rules divides US freedom advocates
  Deals, Launches and Products
15 May, 2014
  AT&Ts hand forced over DirecTV, in shadow of Comcast TWC merge
  Sky Europe may also stalk Spanish Digital+ DTH player
  DigitalSmiths owns up to recommendation win at Charter
  Live sports broadcasts set to deploy forensic watermarking
  Cablecos and the WiFi first telephony prospect
  Harmonic and Cisco steer CCAP towards virtualization
  Boxer relies on Viacces-Orca tools to take OTT to Sweden, Denmark
  Elemental kicks out rival Envivio at Stofa in Denmark
  TCL plans GoLive OTT service, looks to overseas Chinese
  Report shows UK internet usage rising across the board
  Kabel Deutschland takes S3 StormTest for video quality testing
  Austria Telekom and Amrica Mvil announce MPLS fiber deal
  Could Google put fiber in 31m homes, drive $34 billion in sales?
  Qualcomm Atheros brags about its implementation of MU-MIMO
  Deals, Launches and Products
8 May, 2014
  Spanish DTT bloodbath caused by government incompetence
  Comcast and EA rumors of X1 set top video games
  DirecTV says Hello Wireless, goodbye clutter
  Jinni grabs last available seat at US TV recommendation table
  Movie pirates are richer and open to persuasion
  Taking the TV App Store to the cloud, cuts out so many middlemen
  Telefonica bids for rest of Prisa Digital+, regulator must step in
  Sanyo launches new Roku Ready TVs for stick player upgrades
  Kaltura buys complete replacement technology from Tvicni
  BT reaches 1 million TV customers, beats expectations for the year
  Operators support UHD but will viewers spot the difference?
  Google fiber could be turned to a profit says stock analyst
  Liberty Global poised for growth with total focus on quad play
  Virgin Mobile next target in rationalization of French cellular
  Alibabas mobile strength fuels IPO hopes, poised for expansion
  Movie prices to be based on screen size says Katzenberg
  Deals, Launches and Products
1 May, 2014
  Netflix signs access agreement with Verizon
  Humax adds Net Servicos to TWC, dents Technicolor, Pace
  ActiveVideo signs Cablevision as first user for cloud rendered ads
  Liberty Global, Ziggo deal stretches into a phase two investigation
  US no hire settlement opens lid on anti-competitive practices
  RDK to be Linux of TV as Accedo sets up app store on it
  OTT rising in Europe: With boosts for Magine, Canal+
  Rovi unveils Cloud Platform and conversational voice discovery
  FreeCasts Rabbit TV launches live TV channel streaming
  Comcast tempts Justice Department with false view of TWC merger
  Alibaba buys Youku Tudou stake ahead of imminent IPO
  Time Warner Cable pats itself on the back for a bad performance
  TiVo now back to where it was in 2006, except for investors
  Euro Telcos feel broadband competition, pay TV holds up
  Deals, Launches and Products
24 April, 2014
  Comcast changes reporting rules to confuse the picture on TV subs
  Arris buys Seawell for shift to IP, dynamic ad insertion and nPVR
  Facebook readies ad network, prepares location based assault
  AT&T has surge in 10GB data packs for video, broadband rise
  What happens if Aereo wins, or loses for that matter?
  Dutch question future of DTT as KPN gives muted support
  Numbers show no end in sight for Netflix bandwagon
  Amazon spends on content, but cannot halt Netflix momentum
  The price of entry for OTT video looks beyond The Chernin Group
  New AC WiFi chips for gateways, DVRs from Qualcomm, others
  HEVC passes 50% saving mark in biggest MPEG test to date
  Entone has European breakthrough with Dutch, Ukraine wins
  New report from Rethink, tells IoT how it is - minus the hype
  Sharp Aquos Q+ is not a 4K TV, but plays 4K content
  ViXS retaliates against Entropic MoCA patent claims
  Deals, Launches and Products
17 April, 2014
  Humax earns first fruits from RDK, undermines the old set top guard
  Dutch cablecos ready to test out WiFi First and WiFi Only voice
  Amdocs tests 4m mobile connects, says data up, but its not video
  ADB swaps out Alcatel IPTV middleware in 6 months, for local code
  HDR TV Dolby versus the rest
  UHD is Sonys last chance saloon for TV
  Ofcom report shows superfast broadband surge, rural lags
  New Lantiq FTTdp chip uses 40% less electical power
  Belgacom uses vectoring to deliver 70 Mbps to thousands of homes
  Comcast Netflix deal results in higher streaming speeds
  Nuvyyos Tablo OTA DVR gives cord-cutters a compelling option
  Two milestones highlight mobile swing for video advertising
  Tablet comeback for cellular connectivity
  Deals, Launches and Products
10 April, 2014
  The five reasons why Comcast would love you to approve this deal
  SFR and Bouygues remain sandwiched between Free and Orange
  Broadband passes 678m homes, IPTV 96m copper DSL falling
  Google looks to LTE and Wi-Fi to advance YouTube vision
  Ericsson, Envivio and Cisco flesh out encoding strategies at NAB
  Pay TV growing, but so much more of it is streaming
  Android TV leaked, fails to excite net top market
  Aereo prepares for Supreme Court showdown, ACA rallies to cause
  Sesame Street first customer for Kalturas Netflix in a box
  Tablet TV uses ATSC tuner to broadcast and datacast TV plus movies
  Microsofts OTT Xbox video content gets catalog boost
  Dolby Vision mobilizes on every front to make it point
  Satellite 4K bypasses last mile congestion, on show at NAB
  Microsoft throws Windows light on in-car entertainment
  Deals, Launches and Products
3 April, 2014
  Amazon brandishes gaming, as it wades into US OTT war
  FCC moves swiftly to open up more 5GHz for WiFi
  Europe gets closer to Net Neutrality law and free roaming
  Dolby Vision HDR technology solves 4Ks last-mile issues
  Snowden fallout threatens chaos on Internet governance
  European broadcasters swing to third party CDNs
  Verizon upgrades FiOS DVR options to cope with 12 TVs
  Arris makes the case for 4K with new set tops
  Inside Secure pushes NFC work to Intel, as video security base swells
  Will WiFi becomes the way European Cellcos get into new territories?
  Sky experiments with online movies now, with the DVD to follow
  Microsoft gets more personal with TV through Ooyala partnership
  Freecasts Rabbit goes global with One World Media Platform
  Adobe updates CC at NAB as new subscription service takes hold
  Twitter builds on Nielsen, Kantar deals with analytics acquisitions
  Deals, Launches and Products
27 March, 2014
  Facebook touts benefits of TV ads synchronized with social media
  Conax CA consolidation is perhaps the first of many
  Marvell G.Now on the verge of FTTC, EoC deals
  Damned if you merge, Damned if you dont, logic to Dish DirecTV deal
  Apple turns to Comcast in last throw of dice for its TV plan
  Broadcasters like what they see in HbbTV 2.0
  Let there be LiFi
  Broadpeak will let its CDN reach right the way into the home
  Clearleap leaps into Europe in OTT workflow and ABR playout
  Aspiro tries to obscure its OTT origins
  Intertrust ExpressPlay on show at TV Connect
  Genius Digital chasing on-device QoE and audience analytics
  ActiveVideo claims pole position in race to interactive advertising scale
  Ericssons EVE finally unites its encoding portfolio
  Middleware pioneer Minerva preps latest App based TV
  DLNA introduces commercial video requirements
  Deals, Launches and Products
20 March, 2014
  All singing and dancing TV Connect live with OTT, mobile, dongles, RDK
  Vivendi picks the devil it knows best in French bunfight over mobile
  EU investigates Liberty Global merger, as it plans Europe wide MVNO
  TV sales falling still, no-one prepared to say what we all know
  Vodafone has plenty of money in the kitty after Ono deal
  Dune HD fits full set top into HDMI dongle
  NETvisors Backwards Error Correction demoed at TV Connect
  Opera shows off revamped TV Snap app and SDK
  Ericsson vows to fix Mediaroom at last
  Verimatrix declares victory for software security
  Viacom, Google settle oldest running digital media lawsuit
  Viacom pushes Nickelodeon into an interactive channel
  Google Android Wear emerges at last
  Deals, Launches and Products
13 March, 2014
  Bouygues sweetens SFR deal looks irresistible, good for everyone
  Battle of the CTOs holds clues about just how cable is getting along
  Mexicos new regulator takes on Televisa - America Movil duopoly
  Viaccess buys Discretix SecurePlayer to plug security hole
  Cable Europe has impressive growth, as it looks for its next challenges
  Comcast FreeWheeling towards YouTube killer
  Liberty Global invited onboard at RDK at the top table
  AirTies offers fast bridge and dual band bridge for HD video WiFi
  Broadpeak helps Eutelsat delivers multicast CDN over satellite
  Merger rumors abound as Dish and DirecTV support STELA bill
  Conax and PayWizard target multiscreen pay TV operators
  Google Loon and Facebook Titan hint at next 5 billion internet
  Ofcom EU broadband scorecard rates UK top of EU5
  Verizon confirms launch of US-wide online video service for mobiles
  Qplay net-top box arrives, impresses and alas, disappoints
  Deals, Launches and Products
6 March, 2014
  Deutsche Telekom chases 10m TV homes by 2017, plans capex frenzy
  Dish accesses extra Disney content, in return for death of ad-skip functions
  BandwidthX WiFi marketplace will slash MNO capex
  Cellular desperation in France drives not one, but two SFR offers
  Swedish 700 MHz reallocation highlights long term DTT decline
  Brazil stadium delays could impact TV coverage
  LTE emerging as a technology for providing broadband and pay TV
  AT&T in-car streaming uses QuickPlay, Red Bend and Qualcomm
  ZTEs new 4K STB uses Broadcoms 4K and HEVC Chips
  IPTV growth offsets DTH and cable losses in Portugal
  More French resistance to impending Netflix arrival
  HBO Go now on PS3 with PS4, Xbox One versions planned
  Vudu goes Chromecast as Roku and MobiTV go HDMI
  Deals, Launches and Products
27 February, 2014
  DVB comes out with next gen satellite protocols, no mention of Novelsat
  Marvell throws at the last mile for 500 Mbps Korean broadband
  Perlmans hyped pCell may still herald mobile data revolution
  Rovi washes its hands of one acquisition, spends $69 million on another
  IBM slaps $1 billon on cloud table, betting on a hosted model
  Is Vodafone in love with the stadium or with broadcasting in general
  Numericable dances with SFR again, asks to speak to its Father
  Vodafone kicks off in Spain with OTT TV service
  Aereo to launch in Austin despite legal setbacks
  QPlay targets emerging viewing habits with curated playlists
  Telmex considers 51% stake in Dish Mexico, upsets rivals
  Wilocity unveils 802.11 ad WiGig chip for smartphones
  UK Government pledges 250 million for rural broadband
  Deals, Launches and Products
20 February, 2014
  Belgiums Telenet drops DVB-T2, as DTT services in Europe falter
  WiFiForward lobby group unites white spaces, WISPs against Cellcos
  Qualcomm sees no future in specialist Smart TV chip
  FCC to go for round two in Net Neutrality rulemaking
  Devicescape highlights the size of the Free WiFi opportunity
  Thinkbox twists BARB data and voila Isnt TV doing well?
  LG narrows gap on Samsung in smart TVs
  Content owners and EBU go for broke over net neutrality
  BT gets competition tribunal to reexamine case against Sky Sports
  Weves Pouch trial shows future of Bluetooth Beacon ecosystem
  M2M to reach 250 million connections this year - GSMA
  Wyless acquires Aspider M2M, forms Wyless Europe
  Deals, Launches and Products
13 February, 2014
  Comcast predictably steps in to shore up Time Warner Cable
  Ono parries Vodafone bid to opt for IPO but is it just a tactic?
  CBS doubles the number of shows it has on Hulu
  Chromecast becomes a full apps platform, eyes gaming and ads
  Sports broadcasting will slowly drift to direct Internet delivery
  Ericsson buys bit part adaptive bit rate player in the US
  BT buy to keep movies masks cracks in the YouView dream
  Piksel Australian suit is unfinished business from Kit Digital days
  US TV shipments fall for 2nd year running, mirroring RoW
  Technicolor joins AllSeen Alliance, brings Qeo to the table
  Devicescape scores Virgin Media for curated WiFi list
  Broadcom, MediaTek chase Qualcomm in sub $300 video capable handsets
  Deals, Launches and Products
6 February, 2014
  TWC manages meager 0.1% residential growth in the quarter
  Cisco VNI thinks tablets will be mostly 4G we dont agree
  Orange Polska trials Aethra FTTdp system in Warsaw
  Is there a future FOR 4K? We size up its problems
  Sports programming The tail that wags the pay TV dog Part 2
  How rapidly will LTE Broadcast deploy across the world
  New Microsofts CEO looks to be more of the same
  US moves towards mandating vehicle to vehicle technology
  Declines in TV prices force makers to look for new features
  KPN shows the pressures that all European incumbents may soon feel
  Google and Cisco in latest pact to curb the patent trolls
  Control4 reveals new home security partners
  Deals, Launches and Products
30 January, 2014
  DigitalSmiths acquisition rejuvenates tired TiVo UI, opens many doors
  Liberty Global plans to challenge EU competition rules in bid for Ziggo
  IPR bust up led by Cresta in silicon tuner market as volumes swell
  DisplaySearch charts fall of LCD shipments
  Sports broadcasters tread fine line over OTT Part 1
  GfK report highlights viewer perception of TVE and VoD services
  Netflix prepares next European push as incumbents scramble to defend
  AT&T U-Verse still paying dividends as FiOS runs out of steam
  Com Hem chases IPO despite continuing subs decline
  Apple releases figures and scares analysts with slowing growth
  Comcast calls a halt on net churn
  Ofcom forced to adjust competition rates as BT fiddles figures.
  Deals, Launches and Products
24 January, 2014
  MPEG LA announces license terms for HEVC
  Qualcomm deal signals shift for FON business model
  WiFi stars in a fairytale of Frankfurt
  Jaws drop at Netflixs Q4 profits
  Dishs natural partner is Sprint, not T-Mobile
  Verizon buys Intel Media, on the edge of Internet TV shake-up
  Smart TVs are a dumb idea says Entone
  WiFi will become dominant partner in US wireless patchwork
  Stofa goes with Cisco for IP convergence
  MaxLinear making hay in next-gen satellite receivers
  BT and Alcatel claim world fiber speed record with next gen WDM
  Lantiq cuts vectoring deal with Assia as vectoring market accelerates
  Carlson RuralConnect authorized for white spaces
  Rovi renegotiates its patent license with Sony
  Deals, Launches and Products
16 January, 2014
  European Commission plans to extend Murphys law to Hollywood
  Malone behind the scenes genius is ready to topple Time Warner Cable
  Google $3.2 billion Nest buy focuses attention on IoT
  Farewell then Net Neutrality quaint idea, but business is business
  Relaxing copying rules will boost nPVR in the cloud
  Ikanos looks to residential gateways, vectoring for revival
  Marvell suddenly soaked in set top business post Chromecast
  Liberty Global looks at Latam spin off to focus on Europe
  Spains Ono gives away online video free in dash for broadband
  NanoTech showcases $299 4K OTT player at CES
  HomePlug aims at Asia and embedding in CE devices
  Deals, Launches and Products
9 January, 2014
  SCSA scores a slam dunk in global premium content storage
  Roku TV is not really a Roku branded smart TV
  Cisco NBC deal at winter Olympics with cloud Videoscape TV
  Liberty Global hopes that the new Dutch regulator has no teeth
  Telefonica extends Nagra partnership to boost flagging Latam growth
  Qualcomm Snaps at Broadcom, MediaTeks heels in set tops, smart TVs
  How Apple, Microsoft and Google are hijacking the universal browser
  Operators divided over cloud UI rendering
  Panasonic breaks ranks with SmartTV Alliance, backs Firefox
  Comcast tries to patent for elements of life management
  TiVo partners with Control4 in Roamio home automation move
  Intel unveils Edison, computer on a card, plus wireless
  TeraDeeps image recognition to tempt the likes of Apple
  Deals, Launches and Products
19 December, 2013
  MagnaCom unveils modulation revolution that will change every network
  Cox, Charter and Comcast in bidding war for TWC
  DirecTV still looking at Dish merger as it plots Internet TV launch
  SMPTE and CIMM to push universal product codes for all video
  Korea boosts Z-Wave, but it faces tough rivals in IoT
  Netflix seeks out local content in International markets
  Mediaset launch OTT service powered by Intertrusts Marlin
  ALis advanced security set top chipset has Nagra appeal
  Elemental moves ahead of 4k/HEVC field
  Verizon network showing the strain of walking away from the cablecos
  Dish chases rainbows and quad plays by courting Sprint once more
  Deals, Launches and Products
12 December, 2013
  Samsung sees RDK as route to domination of US set tops
  Ooyala maps inevitable shift of video to portable devices
  NimbleTV challenges US broadcasters with different model to Aereo
  Telefonica missing out on Latin American pay TV and broadband party
  Virtual TV operators will become reality in 2014
  Needham says it again, unbundling is really bad we disagree
  Nokia pushes MixRadio as future of music consumption.
  Verizon online TV bolstered by EdgeCast CDN acquisition
  Who Needs a TV? Two Snapshots of This Industry, Taken 4 Years Apart
  Telenor turns key on OTT in Hungary
  AllJoyn, the first big test of Qualcomms open source gamble
  Deals, Launches and Products
5 December, 2013
  Tablets starting to dominate long form viewing
  Sky Italia deal heralds the day of the generic downloadable DRM
  Cyber spending shows a shift in retail, not a new economic dawn
  Spain now hotbed of new TV models, Ono joins Orange, adds OTT layer
  Cloud video standards for virtual living room and universal player
  Court finds that BTs RAMBo breaches Assia patents
  Another quarterly survey that shows how much is wrong with TV
  Quality of pixels more important than quantity for UHD
  Akamai acquires DDoS Specialist Prolexic for $370m
  Connected device boom continues despite falling PC sales
  Free hopes to join SFR and Bouygues in network sharing deal
  Deals, Launches and Products
28 November, 2013
  Hellboy explains how Qualcomm plans to exorcise the demons of WiFi
  Pentagon deal gives over TV spectrum to LTE development
  Belgacom and SFR embrace cloud television
  TV Everywhere is a footprint extension for Telcos says Telefonica
  Transcoding? The problem is where is it best to do it
  TiVo needs 12 million subs to be really profitable
  IPTV and OTT to propel BRIC to 1 billion subs
  Verizons US-wide TV strategy coming into focus
  China takes aim at Qualcomms 4G royalties as TD-LTE rolls
  Samsung and Apple retrial a side issues, as a new case looms
  EU sets out to create Murphys law for pay TV rights
  Yahoo builds global online content network through partnerships
  Deals, Launches and Products
21 November, 2013
  Could Orange France retrofit Spanish OTT for its home market
  OTT future illuminated at London summit
  Apple gets closer to completing PrimeSense buyout deal
  Free numbers show some signs of slowing, but not enough to worry about
  US taxation changes; always contentious and always condemned
  Bing, not Nokia, is the heart of Microsofts new mobile attack
  MediaTek chances its ARM at 8 way smartphone CPUs
  Tricolor aims to convert subs into ARPU through premium content
  France must overcome protectionist instincts for OTT to thrive like IPTV
  Adobe getting creative to manage decline
  Rovi pushes ahead with HEVC
  Do you realize what Chromecast means? Errr probably not yet
  Deals, Launches and Products
14 November, 2013
  Germany ready to ditch DTT and replace it with Tower Overlay
  Netflix UI change - write once, update everywhere
  Numericable IPO rises to value group at over 6 billion
  ITV hot on the heels of the BBC in charging for UK TV abroad
  Intel to cash in its OnCue chips, but wont get back its investment
  Altice manages to slow losses at Caboviso, improve margins
  Sky at daggers with BT in UK but gets into bed with Telecom Italia
  Ciscos shrunken set top vision
  Dish could bid for TMo, and will not face Sprint in PCS auction
  Judge begs Apple and Samsung to avert new trial
  Canal extends You Tube pay strategy +
  Samba TV takes connected TVs by storm
  Deals, Launches and Products
7 November, 2013
  TV Everywhere begins to live up to its name although not everywhere
  US cable consolidation rumor sparked by Q3 results
  Deutsche has more pay TV homes than AT&T 140m mobile customers
  Well so long then Blockbuster You never had the titles I liked anyway
  Assia re-iterates vectoring credentials, contradicts Alcatel shipment claims
  Ikanos: Telcos to have 100 Mbps in 2014 and 1 Gbps in 2016
  WiFi sharing service Karma, hitches a ride on Sprint LTE
  Telefonica sells in Czech Republic to chase bigger fish in Germany
  Top European pay TV players both hit a streak of form
  Twitter IPO brings back memories of dot com boom
  Kalturas OTT in a box, set for smaller markets and niche services
  Intel and Cisco ramp up IoT efforts with dedicated divisions
  Deals, Launches and Products
31 October, 2013
  Verizon looks to Intel Media to fill out its cable class portable video offering
  DigitalSmiths claims 5 key wins in the US TV recommendation market
  If Cellcos built out WiFi now, theyd start with the wrong assumptions
  The back end of IP migration spells the difference for MSOs
  In the last two issues we focused first on the headend and then on the CPE aspects of cable IP migration. We have the left the most critical part of the grand project till last, the infrastructure development and back office integration that will shape the success and competitiveness of cable operators over the next decade.
  FX releases Netflix killer App
  CBS launches Hulu-like catch up TV platform
  Cloud delivery to existing set tops boosts ARPU for Ziggo
  Latest WiFi innovations focus on the strains of dense data networks
  ARM ups its graphics game to chase away figments of Imagination
  LTE Broadcast kicks off down under with Telstra session
  Spanish regulator too soft on Telefonica says European Commission
  Deals, Launches and Products
24 October, 2013
  US cable utters its first whispers on taking advantage of WiFi lead
  Alcatel talks secret vectoring sauce and 100% global market share for now
  Pace shells out $310 million to step deeper into core cable networks
  DOCSIS 3.1 critical for IP cable CPE migration
  Last week we took a look at the CMTS end of IP migration with a focus on CCAP (Converged Cable Access Platform). Here we switch to the CPE side with an analysis of the issues and decisions operators face upgrading their subscribers homes for IP cable and look to deploy DOCSIS 3.1 to enable multi gigabit services, while progressing towards cardless security.  
  thePlatform says that cloud is ready for Pay TV
  Whats the difference between RDK and SoftAtHome? - Integration
  Telenor changes tack to buy cable instead of sell with Tele2 deal
  AVMs Fritz!Box with Lantiqs VRX VDSL SoC vectoring chip
  Targeted advertising works - for autos anyway - finds survey
  Deals, Launches and Products
17 October, 2013
  Sling gives up the ghost in cable, IPTV, mobile turns to Arris for help
  Alcatel preps assault on US cable with DOCSIS compatible fiber
  Echoes of Aereo as UK broadcasters gag TV Catchup
  Canada now ready to insist upon A La Carte TV channels
  CCAP adoption in US, growing traction in Europe
  Over the next three issues we take a look at IP migration strategies and issues for cable operators. This week we dive into the head end with a particular focus on CCAP (Converged Cable Access Platform)  
  TiVo may get deployed at Charter as ActiveVideo UI
  Netflix momentum attracts US cablecos to take a look see
  HbbTV gains further ground, while UK looks to rival MHEG-IC
  Amazon working on five new original pilots
  Everyone has a Net-top box now
  OTT video to jump to $35 billion in 2018
  nVoy certification to bring MoCA, WiFi and HomePlug closer together
  HomeGrids published speeds for
  Intel pushes back 14nm Broadwell chip processor 3 months
  Hong Kong gets more broadcast channels for first time in 40 years
  Deals, Launches and Products
10 October, 2013
  Magine TV continues its European OTT crusade with smart TV deals
  Lantiq lays claim to VDSL2 system level Vectoring lead
  European broadcasters lured to social buzz from Facebook
  Whats wrong with the picture? TV market slow, connected TVs grow
  Why do we think Apples share value will halve?
  Pay TV will go OTT, before OTT goes pay TV in the US
  Nielsen launches Twitter TV ratings as social TV activity heats up
  Alcatel-Lucent enters last chance saloon through 10,000 further job cuts
  Tescos Hudl meets all the entertainment needs of the average user
  German pay TV catch up continues, with more to come
  Concurrents version of how traditional VoD transitions to the cloud
  Deals, Launches and Products
3 October, 2013
  Security for 4K to be toughest hurdle to climb in digital video
  OpenTV escalates Netflix Action to Netherlands
  Toshiba job losses underline Japan Incs TV slump
  Ericssons Red Bee acquisition held up by competition referral
  EchoStar Vivendi joint venture to shake up Brazilian pay TV
  FiOS unlikely to be cut away from Verizon in wake of Vodafone deal
  The battle for streaming rights heats up in the US
  What will Xbox TV look like?
  UDP turns ABR on its head, revitalizes multicast, solves cellular video
  HBO Nordic bought out partner in the Summer
  Facebook offers data to US TV networks, but held back by privacy laws
  Silicon Vision pushes Bluetooth to the heart of the Internet of Things
  Germanys prime TV maker slides into bankruptcy to re-arrange its affairs
  Deals, Launches and Products
26 September, 2013
  DigitalSmiths breaks out of the US with Foxtel deal
  AT&T firms up plans for LTE Broadcast and FON U-Verse expansion
  Being Headless is only good for one generation then set tops beware
  Blackberry retreats to corporate comfort zone
  Carrier WiFi must meet roaming challenges head on
  PwC shows high DVR use, low social influence, zapping still rules
  Verimatrix calls time on smart card security
  Dial Beaming technology will take over the living room
  Adobe majors on TV Everywhere as tipping point reached
  Vimond offers OTT solutions to broadcasters and operators
  Undersea cable repairs nothing new but business as usual still impresses
  Deals, Launches and Products
19 September, 2013
  IBC Dreaming up TV futures with your head in the cloud
  ActiveVideo completes European clean up with Deutsche Telekom
  Battle for WiFi leadership in the US four armies approach four territories
  Numericable heads for November IPO
  Rumblings of discontent below Ciscos surface calm
  Rival to ActiveVideo emerges out of Russian R&D center
  Start-up crushes video bandwidth with Human Perceptual Filter
  Still work to do over MPEG DASH
  Intel boldly enters ARMs tablet market
  Sony to use Chromecast-like dongle to push Bravia TVs ahead
  Will the Netflix Virgin deal open up a whole can of OTT worms?
  AirTies shows massive throughput improvement in WiFi Mesh homes
  RDK upsets some, inspires others at IBC
  Deals, Launches and Products
12 September, 2013
  Sigma lands first prize in the European stakes
  Liberty Global No.1 European Pay TV player signs with ActiveVideo
  Piksel emerges from ashes of Kit with organic promise
  FON boasts leap to 35 million members, US entry and WiFi offload
  HEVC everywhere at IBC
  Strange Fruit - An Apple that changes its spots and a good Sony
  European Commission rules out single telecoms regulator
  MobiTV ready to roll out Deutsche Entertain2Go
  Conax adds RGB as multiscreen partner
  Microsoft inserts Jinnis video genome into Xbox
  The dawning of the age of virtual pay TV operators
  Video search engine Blinkx pivots towards curation
  Consumers love for Amazon could make it a potent OTT service
  NC+ opts for Inside Secure downloadable DRM, via ADB
  Virgin Media puts Netflix on its TiVo platform
  CBS fighting over rights to sell to Netflix and Amazon, not cash says CEO
  Deals, Launches and Products at IBC and not at IBC
5 September, 2013
  Deutsche stands up at IFA, endorses Cloud TV and prepares launch
  TiVo opens up the IPTV world after Entone deal
  WiFi hunts for new spectrum in a plethora of bands
  Vodafone gives away its jewels to greedy shareholders
  Microsoft Nokia phone takeover could propel Windows Phone above iOS
  If Nokia can dump handsets, Microsoft can start the divorce from Windows
  Anti-piracy goes global
  Pace beefs up service management platform for triple play and beyond
  ZON looking to stimulate more viewing with ThinkAnalytics engine
  GreanPeak sees TV as route into Zigbee market dominance
  TWC pays up in CBS price re-alignment battle
  Sony embraces handset cameras with new lensing systems
  Smart TV forecast shows poor demand in mature markets
  Broadcasters need fast storage but not dedicated SAN
  Deals, Launches and Products
29 August, 2013
  An archeological dig among the ruins and future rise of mobile DRM
  Cognitive lands LG as its first TV OEM
  TiVo says it has achieved sustained profitability
  Canoe Ventures gets even smaller canoe
  Steve Ballmer Holding the opinion of the last techie he spoke to
  Ericsson report shows consumers rank Smart TV features last
  Linear European TV forecasts are perhaps old hat now
  iMediaShare App streams content to the TV
  TV makers flight to OLED will drive panels, materials and yields
  Sony beats Samsung, LG to market in the US with 4K TVs
  Deals, Launches and Products
22 August, 2013
  China pushes universal broadband stimulus plan
  DRM player Intertrust lands deal with leading Netflix-alike in China
  Wherefore art thou and all that, campaign of love from TiVo
  Euro video consortium to develop HEVC based broadcast hybrid
  Latency is better in cloud TV claims ActiveVideo but fails to prove it
  NDS sees Wall TV as the future, while the humble tablet rampages
  Cameras, not UIs, will be key selling points for this years holiday line-up
  Apple matches up well with Matcha
  Viggle unites second screen Apps with audience network
  Amazon should develop an OTT box, not a Gaming Console
  Deals, Launches and Products
8 August, 2013
  Pace has cloud DVR, could eat its young with thin clients on old set tops
  European Commission report backs US call for more WiFi spectrum
  Smart TVs altering UK viewing habits, pay TV under threat
  US postures like a bully, next move may trigger global trade war
  Malone in driving seat, as US Cable and DTH looks to consolidate
  Crossbar unveils its RRAM, billed as successor to NAND
  Liberty Global numbers okay, subs gain slows, debt rises
  TWC a la carte offer thrown in its face by CBS, but the idea lingers
  Intel should forget pay TV, build a pay OTT network
  Amazon wants to ride the OTT wave
  Tomorrows executives anticipate video fueled world
  Deals, Launches and Products
1 August, 2013
  Cognitive Networks ready to switch on content recognition in the cloud
  Trustonic has first license with MediaTek surely more will follow
  Pace keeps up the pace, to stay at number one in most things
  Broadcasters reaping rewards of online to compensate for ad decline
  Indian pay TV ARPU rising slowly
  Liberty Global increases Ziggo holding, not planning takeover
  Microsoft pushes towards commercial White Space service in SA
  Qualcomm brings cash and brain power to Alcatels rescue
  Telco G.Fast is on a fast track
  Contrasting Netflix surveys tell same story of demand for premium TV
  Apple tablets being cooked by Android as market heats up
  Surface RT situation is worse than it appears
  Videotron, TWC give glimpse of movie release future
  Deals, Launches and Products
25 July, 2013
  Three years on Google apes Airplay, perhaps betters it
  US MaxLinear lands CMOS tuner deal for Samsung TVs
  Entone drops its own hardware for LGs sub $100 gateway
  Spanish pay TV slump goes on but recent glimmer of hope
  Mixed quarterly results for Internet big 7 as they square up over TV
  Intel declares war on ARM in tablets
  Nvidia GPU platform to run 5 X faster Could be good for encoding?
  Broadcom finds life left in DOCSIS 2.0 for emerging markets
  No celebration as Apple exceeds low expectations, revenues spiral
  US Telcos continue assault on pay TV, chase cable broadband performance
  Another good quarter at Netflix another mall blip in its share price
  Northern Europe steady or growing in free and paid TV
  HbbTV enters Australia on back of digital switch-off
  Facebook Every Phone shows what mobile would be without Apple
  Deals, Launches and Products
18 July, 2013
  Global WiFi markets to change capex, caps, smartphones and biz models
  AT&T anti-piracy patent scares privacy zealots
  Hulu needs to become Houdini to get out of this one
  Smart TV uptake unconvincing - Europe leads, US lags. Whatfs next?
  First signs Brazils economic slowdown hurting pay TV
  UK DTT pushed down to 600 MHz
  Intel and Apple make a gesture for remote UI technology
  WSJ primes us for Google OTT service yet again, were not so sure
  The great unbundling debate investor analysts wade in
  Comcast launches Home Pass but really needs OTT lite
  AT&T takes a Leap into consolidation, completes US cellular cull
  Deals, Launches and Products
11 July, 2013
  Judge finds Apple guilty of price fixing along with its ebook partners
  In search of the clouded future of the set top market
  Hulu saga enters final chapter
  Reliance to become top Indian DTH operator
  Tablets WILL take over TV viewing More evidence emerges
  Nokias real time traffic heralds new era for targeted mobile services
  VCs still flooding into European internet, ripening M&A targets
  Apple bugged by legacy and Android by fragmentation
  UK regulator gives cellcos permission to refarm spectrum to LTE
  Samsung moves to 2nd gen UHD TVs
  Deals, Launches and Products
4 July, 2013
  Apple wants to partner, not challenge, traditional TV model
  G.Fast demo shows Alcatel can help Telcos with broadband escalation
  Telefonica responds to Vodafone, Orange fiber plans, by partnering adds Chunghwa, fingers neighbor networks as HomePlug downfall
  Apps will converge around HTML5
  Morgan Stanley lists all the reasons while Ziggo and UPC should merge
  Elemental answers critics on power, pushes cloud HEVC and 4K
  Ericsson continues spending spree by hooking RedBee
  Benfica live football channel more likely a blip rather than a trend
  Netflix Nordic disruption is down to the fine print
  AMC, Disney and showtime dish the dirt on internet disruptors
  Qualcomm Atheros aims HomePlug AV2 at CE devices
  Deals, Launches and Products
27 June, 2013
  RTL buys into Canadian YouTube channel maker
  HbbTV Consortium gears up for world hybrid domination
  Vodafone is now officially in the pay TV business watch for more deals
  US Congress may give users right to opt out of being watched by TV
  The world waits for someone to fix Mediaroom All decisions delayed
  HEVC fattens up for market
  IPTV 2.0 is back but this time it means business
  Digitalsmiths lands content discovery deal on zeebox
  China Telecom selects as its wireline technology
  Quantenna users Wave2 11ac functions in its WiFi chips
  B&N out of tablets, Microsoft maybe Nooks white knight
  Opera Skyfire central to ALUs video win with Telenor
  Deals, Launches and Products
20 June, 2013
  TWC law suit may open channel bundling can of worms
  Vodafone leads in a bidding war where motives are anything but clear
  Microsoft has Cloud TV up and running for 100m Chinese ex-pats
  Netflix goes Dutch, and cuts breakthrough deal with DreamWorks Animation
  Carriers playing catch up over HetNet security
  President Obama re-iterates broadband message, musters more initiatives
  Google flies kite for remote broadband with project Loon
  Nielsen paints a fake picture think outside the square, for yourself
  Adobe creates Photoshop for moving image in cloud
  Jinni puts genie back in the bottle of social TV
  Comcast is bright star at the Cable Show
  The Cable show 2013
  Deals, Launches and Products
13 June, 2013
  Comcast sneaks in Homespot revolution as Neighborhood Hotspots
  Vodafone Kabel Deutschland talks confirmed, deal could be dusted in days
  Rovi loses case against Netflix, struggles to stem losses
  Orange wades into to stir up bloody TV price war in Romania
  News Corp uses Spanish recession to leverage DTH player Canal+
  We want to view video online, but without ads?? How will that work?
  Will iOS 7 bring new people to Apple, or break loyal bonds?
  TiVo fights back with shipments, new deal after settlement disappoints
  Magine brings its boxless magic to Germany
  Intel even $2 billion wont buy enough content for fast TV lift off
  Samsung goes long way to answering critics over smart TV evolution
  Apple squares up for Internet radio battle with Google
  Broadcom has single chip with HomePlug AV2/WiFi 11ac/p1905
  Deals, Launches and Products
6 June, 2013
  TiVo wins its biggest ever settlement - share price barely nods
  Cloud browsers to gut the set top market ActiveVideo leading the chase
  Neelie Kroes to take on Net Neutrality Telecoms waits nervously
  Liberty Global has not given up on Kabel Deutschland takeover
  Mobile Video and the difficult road to Net Neutrality law
  Social networking drives mobile video - official
  OpenIPTV Forum tidies up HTML5 for connected TV
  Skitter marries the internet with linear TV
  A few lessons from Arrested Development
  No more excuses the flat TV world is over, Tablets rule gives up on North America, focuses on Asia and MDUs
  Apple signs up Warner Music, readies streaming service
  Samsung wins over ITC on a single patent count, but its enough
  Deals, Launches and Products
30 May, 2013
  Twitter chases Facebook targeting second screen advertising
  Cisco VNI under predicts tablets, WiFi and more or less everything
  Apple promises innovation where it used to deliver
  The BBCs $150 million digitization lesson
  Pay TV operators pour cold water on TV apps
  Broadband is my only cord
  Roku takes on $60 million for bumpy ride up against Apple TV
  US pay TV suffers first year long subs decline, as broadband booms
  Regulator sues Indian cablecos over refusal to report customer numbers
  Discovery Communications breaks mold with online only channel
  Dish re-bids for Clearwire, undermines Sprint, improves terms
  Apple finally in European Union anti-trust firing line
  Deals, Launches and Products
23 May, 2013
  Yahoo gambles on social networking to make up for lost time
  TiVo blows away numbers still ignored by investors
  Rights Headaches from European cross border VoD boom.
  VOO adds impetus to the Telenet Homespot strategy
  TVs Future Does it go with a bang or a whimper?
  EBU moves to shore up protectionism for TV and film
  Xbox One asks more questions than it answers
  European broadcasters rush for DASH
  BT intends to be UK broadband king
  Sony confronted by Hedge Fund Billionaire
  Qualcomms Mirasol makes a comeback
  Verizon Wireless sale could propel Vodafone onto the M&A trail
  Deals, Launches and Products
16 May, 2013
  Better the devil you know Vodafone enters broadband tryst with DT
  ABC goes paid by the back door uses pay TV authentication for App
  Brazilian pay TV slows at last
  Lift off for stadium WiFi multicast
  US TV Channel unbundling bill not being taken too seriously
  Sandvine data shows BitTorrent falling, Netflix doubling, YouTube high
  Intertrust subsidiary chases App and content protection
  Content redistribution will trump regional variations in piracy
  iPowow enables a whole new kind of interactive second screen App
  Deals, Launches and Products
9 May, 2013
  Microsoft volunteers to take Nook, as Barnes and Noble start to breakup
  Quantenna gets closer to ST Micro, expect it to get ascloseasthis
  Liberty Global cruising, pushing Horizon but losing more TV homes
  Telenet reveals a little more of the iceberg of its cellular strategy
  Google chairman goes over the top about death of linear TV
  Sony ship now facing the right way it now needs to accelerate
  Dish and DirecTV More than two ways to skin a recession
  Obama ruffles feathers with FCC Wheeler appointment
  Nielsen goes live with online TV audience measurement
  Blip TV steps into original content ring
  Chromebooks ahead of time but behind curve
  Deals, Launches and Products
2 May, 2013
  Ziggo to add 1m homespots by August, work with Liberty Global
  Netflix Hastings predicts OTT world should stick to profit predictions
  Comcast video revenues up, but price increases drive some away
  Amazon set to release box
  Operators rush to QA monitoring for OTT to avoid churn
  Broadcom takes clear set top lead on IC revenues
  New Hulu CEO advertises jump to 4m Hulu Plus subs
  Media Excel enters contribution, readies eMBMS streams for Verizon
  TWC files patent for two layer content protection in the home
  AOL offers ad tools, audience measurement, original content at Newfront
  Telebyte offers Vectoring testing in a box
  Carphone Warehouse buys out Best Buy
  Sony bets the house on 4K
  Deals, Launches and Products
25 April, 2013
  CEA says tablets, smartphones on the rise, mobile dominates spending
  Verizon, AT&T continue zero sum broadband game, video up
  Netflix price correction happens at last
  Amazon and Google make purchases to bolster attack on Siri
  Apple - the last Great American Whale
  Audio sync the winner for second screen
  Intel hit by Baldwin resignation in final run in to TV launch
  Aereo expands to Boston as broadcasters keep up fight
  Saffron Digital makes Ultraviolet easy for retailers
  RGB sticks to Ambarella for next gen transcoder, says it remains top dog
  AlcaLu: No vectoring test by telcos have failed
  Ericsson makes early running in smart meters on back of EU ruling
  Deals, Launches and Products
18 April, 2013
  WiFi offload to become the cellular kingmaker
  LGI cannot buy KDG so whats really going on
  French and German Ultraviolet launch as Disney threatens to join
  Dish snubbed by Softbank refusal to raise bid still in driving seat
  Sprint should choose Dish over Softbank, tie in TMo too
  Ericsson bought aging rock star Mediaroom, to be first er thats it
  America Movil to merge Brazilian outlets to lead Latam pay TV
  BBC iPlayer takes on new DRM to bypass piracy
  Facebook picks Rovi for metadata to drive social recommendations
  Magic Ruby brings the second screen magic to Rogue
  Nearly everyone watches video online
  Broadcast and mobile operators need each other says FCC
  German broadcaster DTT exodus continues
  Deals, Launches and Products
11 April, 2013
  Swedish Magine cloud to break over Spain and Germany
  Broadcasters move towards IP only delivery, common ecosystem
  Hulus bait bags big fish but $500 million bite may be too small
  Adobe shows Primetime at NAB, Comcast, NBC already using it
  Whats left of Microsofts entertainment dream post Mediaroom
  Congress may intervene in row between Fox and Internet start up
  Warner Brothers launches subscription OTT service
  KPN turns to local Belgium OTT player Alpha
  Ericsson sees disaster recovery as a way into TV
  WhatsApp Were not talking to Google? Were not talking to anyone
  AT&T Boingo deal the start of multiple WiFi landgrabs
  Can ZTE scale to China sized and challenge in IPTV
  Microsoft, others behind new Android EU complaint
  Deals, Launches and Products
4 April, 2013
  Ericsson makes bid to outsource global broadcasting
  US networks will fight Aereo all the way to Congress
  Ukraine cable hybrid plugs 5 suppliers in to make instant OTT is popping up all over, especially in Asia
  Asset Management mops up multi-screen revenues
  The Vodafone buyout rumor that never was this time
  Warner Brothers getting serious about online video
  Ericsson flexes TV integration credentials after Mexican win
  $5 million to keep it Simple on TV
  upLynk comes out of Disney only mode, is ready to party
  Loudness concerns heard at last
  Ex-Windows Phone boss joins Amazon for unspecified project
  Deals, Launches and Products
28 March, 2013
  Ericsson should take over Mediaroom, but it doesnt mean it will happen
  Nokia tries to block Google VP8 plan by withdrawing patents
  Liberty Global throws its cash around in the Netherlands
  TV Connect shows OTT running fast, so as not to go backwards
  Verizon in fantasy land over pay as you view for now
  US companies file more patents in mobile says analyst
  Round one in the patents war goes to Microsoft over Motorola
  WiFi coming of age for home automation
  Entropic and Broadcom amass Chinese EoC and set top deals
  DNA could soon answer our archiving prayers
  Spotify coy about VoD move
  Harmonic lands Virgin OTT win to dominate UK TV Everywhere
  Analyst changes view on Netflix, sets the price bar high
  Zenverge transcoder gives pay TV services a multiscreen solution
  Envivio latest figures show no respite, negative value
  Deals, Launches and Products
21 March, 2013
  Tested Intertrust patents line up against Apple recalcitrance
  Strains appear on the Horizon Liberty Global gets 15,000 calls a week
  Many ways to skin the discovery cat; Veveo and Viaccess
  From Bigfoot to Streamboost; from gaming to M2M
  America Invents or doesnt as is often the case
  Cloud transcoding comes of age for multiscreen
  Mariner piggybacks on Mediaroom into Telefonica
  Verimatrix and Access power secure video translation for the home
  Cable Europe Labs urges MSOs to bring on IP and mobility
  EE asks right video questions, calls for consensus on broadcast LTE
  Knetik launches Netflix-like subscription OTT service
  Broadcasters get real about second screens
  Deutsche Telekom says vectoring can provide 100 Mbps now
  Patent wars shift to wider range of mobile IPR holders
  Deals, Launches and Products
14 March, 2013
  European Court rules broadcasters can block Internet streaming
  TiVo adds IP client, plays games, Apps, OTT video and DVR content
  Netflix site shows just how much ISPs are slowing its services
  Germany in two minds over DVB-T2
  Inside Secure goes after content on Blackberry
  DOCSIS 3.1 plus HEVC to accelerate cable migration to IP
  Nielsens report focuses on people who just dont watch TV
  European pay TV not falling, but paid DTT is, as services proliferate
  Google frees up royalties on VP8, but the world wants HEVC now
  Netflix adds Facebook connection before completing private profiles
  Xbox releases its first content exclusive
  Ex-FCC commissioner puts his hand up to denounce Sprint Clearwire deal
  Frees market disruption in France brings anti-trust scrutiny
  Cloud not yet shining for smart TV
  Swisscom head to 100 mbps with vectoring
  Deals, Launches and Products
8 March, 2013
  Throwaway lines show that Cloud TV is just around the corner
  European Cablecos consider mass WiFi roaming network
  End game for Hulu as Disney and News Corp look for exit
  Chavez failed to bring premium TV to the people
  Cables fear of the Regulators Penalty
  NBC Universal bows to FCC, offers programming to OTT providers
  Billions of Free VoD and multiscreen streams set to be harnessed
  Fox picks Watchwith for syndicating related content
  Fanhattan moves to the web with discovery service
  News Corp exits NZ as Sky expands in UK broadband with O2 buy
  Samsung confronts Apple in every product category
  Augmented reality gets chip augmentation
  We always said Apples patent win was illusory
  Deals, Launches and Products
28 February, 2013
  Kroes calls for a new approach to EU spectrum
  Qualcomm envisions UHD video in Snapdragon, video downlink
  UHDTV prompts US to look again at DVB
  TiVo says its safe at Virgin; we argue that it cant be
  Cablevision break silence on Viacom channel bundling
  2013 - European pay TV and cellular on the edge of convergence
  EchoStar signs to use CRI CryptoFirewall
  Cisco wants to mind our Big Data
  Africa saves Canal Plus blushes
  Red Bee supplies metadata nectar for Samsungs smart TV discovery
  Lantiq chips lower cost of deploying fiber
  Prysmian Groups new FTTH cables easier to install
  Deals, Launches and Products
21 February, 2013
  KT partners with Samsung First operator to push eMBMS
  PS4 unveiled mostly as a promise to be out by Christmas
  Deutsche Telekom continues push towards virtualized set top box
  Vodafone appoints advisors, as KDG is told No to Tele Columbus deal
  Elemental boosts power with new chips, new code lots of attitude
  NDS accounts for 20% of Cisco record growth
  Com Hem recruits Tivo, Verimatrix and Harmonic for IP migration
  Too easy for headline writers to write off European pay TV
  Copying a real HD move to your device while you put your coat on
  France and Italy pin future digital terrestrial hopes on HEVC
  The dark corridors of Italian power, politics and media ownership
  Five operators win UK spectrum, but proceeds well below expectations
  Opera taps into cloud-based optimization trend with Skyfire buy
  Deals, launches and products
14 February, 2013
  The last Turkey in the shop Vodafone on Eurozone spending spree?
  Xbox TV revs up for Microsofts final assault on the living room
  ThinkAnalytics burgeoning client list requires reading between the lines
  Huggers opens kimono on Intel Media launch is this year
  Despair over slashed EU broadband budget from Cameron cuts
  Video growth driving mobile operators to HEVC
  iListen, iHear, iWatch? Or iDo nothing
  Western Europe unable to shake off Eurozone crisis in TV ad spend
  ZenithOptimedia says Netherlands the most advanced country
  Arris alerts market to Justice Department taking a longer look
  Spotify targets TV Connect to boost music consumption on the TV
  Frequency brings global news to TCL TVs
  Redbox strikes gold with launch on Xbox
  Alca-Lus rising star is vectoring
  Deals, launches and products
7 February, 2013
  Liberty Global besieges Skys Fortress, in surprise Virgin deal
  Two thirds mobile traffic will be video by 2017 says Cisco
  DirecTV FreeWheels it way towards multiscreen monetization
  Contrasting fortunes of IPTVs two big Ks.
  Could a freeze set in among pay TV vendors, post Virgin deal
  Virgin Media hits financial high, just as it bails out
  Netflix House of Cards spurs stock climb
  Media Bankers to the world trigger complex Virgin formula
  ComScore unleashes Big Data to measure multiplatform audiences
  Redray 4K players challenge Blu-ray
  Redbox Instant doesnt disappoint or impress
  DSL Rings to be demonstrated publicly for the first time in the US
  Cisco readies internet tools for the Internet of Things
  Deals, launches and products
31 January, 2013
  YouTubes shift to pay TV, long in the planning, soon to arrive in US
  Latin America gets together at last to crack down on satellite piracy
  Oregan pushes to multiscreen on the back of two top tier Telcos
  Belkin buys Linksys in spiraling retail home networks
  Video impact on mobile networks revealed by Akamai
  CenturyLink digs deep into big data to combat churn for IPTV
  Online revolution can boost traditional content consumption
  Redux uses thoughtful programmers to bring TV experience online
  Comigo gets its first customer for Smart TV
  Up to 40 Telcos testing or deploying VDSL2 Vectoring
  Deutsche Telekom to boost Wi-Fi with FON buy?
  Deals, launches and products
24 January, 2013
  ATSC makes final push to 2.0 standard for American digital TV
  Telmex may get TV licence from new Mexican government
  Apple stock subdued after best quarter ever get used to it
  Operators and broadcasters caught between two stools over 4K
  Idle imaginings - How could Intel take over the TV world?
  Fon stretches to embrace free WiFi at KPN
  White Spaces pigeon steps in Japan and France
  Verizon Wireless selling a fixed location LTE Broadband service
  The latest wireless standards war: UltraGig vs Miracast?
  Skies brighten for News Corps Sky
  Dish Network shaves Blockbuster down to 500 stores
  Sigma Designs, Marvell both claim wins at Comtrend
  Netgem decides it needs Videofutur for OTT multi-screen after all
  Samsung Galaxy hits 100m, Microsoft Surface only manages 1m
  Deals, launches and products
17 January, 2013
  US MSOs shed subs while IPTV gains and DTH flat says Nielsen
  Aereo the New Hulu, or a fly in the ointment?
  Comcast picks up 10% of Arris and so of Motorola Mobility
  Jinni claims 7 new deals, includes Vudu, Multichoice and C More
  Apple - Innovation is dead, long live Innovation
  ARM flexes its muscles quietly at CES
  Quickplay brings hosting formula to Europe after multiple tier 1 plays
  HMV and Blockbuster UK go down, echoes of Woolworths and JJB
  Economic woes see 30% of Turners EMEA staff redundant
  Broadband Unlimited Satellite broadband to lead growth
  Broadcom aims to accelerate the coming of UltraHD
  New Arris gateway shows where cablecos are headed
  Deals, launches and products
10 January, 2013
  DigitalSmiths uncovers TWC as first US pay TV major customer
  Dish Clearwire move is too strong to ignore, too weak to complete
  Kilar quits Hulu after all and takes CTO with him
  Technicolor makes Qeo gambit for smart home
  Marvell shows, Google TV, AC WiFi and aims for Chinese dominance
  WiGig steals the thunder from 802.11ac at CES
  AirTies opens doors as BSkyB and Swisscom with video WiFi
  Audible Magic takes ACR to Sling and set top SoCs
  Huawei expects profit rebound for 2012
  Broadcom hyperactive at CES
  Broadcom tries to tamper-proof the set top
  LG Display brings ultra-HD to 7-inch tablets
  Mostly CES - Deals, launches and products
20 December, 2012
  Arris lands the big fish of Motorola Home, Pace counts cost
  OpenTV is doing Blockbusters work in legal attack on Netflix
  Cox breaks first in the US rush to recommendation
  No more rumors of Kilar leaving as Hulu continues to defy gravity
  Bell Labs says OTT will make us watch TV 7 hours a day
  Nielsen Twitter alliance based on illusion of live TV measurement
  Cable pair outbid in Dutch LTE Auctions
  Liberty holds all the cards, but Telenet shareholders may still hold out
  Hungary cable tax will drive consolidation, says Association
  Discovery reaches out into European fiction and sports
  European antipiracy group hopes re-launch will gain attention
  Net2TV brings web-based TV-shows to smart TVs
  13m households would be extremely interested in buying Apple TV sets
  Confidence in Apple falters as shares flirt with $500
  Deals, launches and products
13 December, 2012
  KPN deepens outsourcing with Accenture to get money out of OTT
  Pace has insufficient assets for full frontal approach to Motorola Home
  Deutsche unleashes capex, will pioneer home hybrid LTE-WiFi
  Ericsson takes on Telefonicas Global Video Platform
  Entone unravels its cloud vision, built on the same logic as its first
  Megafon switches from IPTV to OTT for fast entry to Russian pay TV
  Oregan enters OTT with multiscreen synchronization
  Operators get wise to second screen hype
  Dish network gets the nod, but no terms yet for LTE on its spectrum
  Digiboo opens digital movie kiosks in malls, universities, stations
  Surface sales held back by poor distribution and high prices
  Deals, launches and products
6 December, 2012
  FCC moves to mandate DLNA for HD IP set tops
  RTL out on limb over Google TV block
  Multiscreen transcoding shake up as Envivio flounders, Elemental grows
  Battered, bruised, with lowered expectations, finally hits the road
  Accedo broadens revenue base on the back of OTT and App stores
  Qualcomm Sharp alliance to bring news display technologies to life
  OTT streaming spurs new approach to combine low latency with quality
  Marvell pushes gigabit WiFi into HD video
  Who competes with Netflix Redbox or Comcast Or who?
  Online video advertising growing but not right for 30 second spot
  Mobovivo explores new frontiers in second screen
  Motorola cannot ban Microsoft products, court rules
  Deals, launches and products
29 November, 2012
  Hubris, intrigue and incompetence bringing Kit Digital down
  Regulators get their act together for White Spaces Broadband
  Accenture survey sees opportunity for crowd funding content
  TiVo beats guidance without the $100 million thrown by Verizon
  IPTV will be big winner of Chinas tri network convergence strategy
  Synchronizing start up chases cash, courts broadcasters, cinemas
  Google aims to create AirPlay-like open platform
  Smartglass is here - Well sort of
  Death of the PC Tablets rule forever
  European pay TV advertising boom is over optimistic
  Social Media ad spend to double in 4 years
  Shortages of new touch technologies will only get worse
  Ikanos has node scale vectoring at 200 Mbps on existing copper
  Deals, launches and products
22 November, 2012
  Telefonica finally succumbs to Microsoft-Alcatel duo for global video
  Viggle swoops on GetGlue to slam door on rising Social TV competition
  Ceva plucks $75 m counter bid out of the air for MIPS
  SFR takes TV Everywhere everywhere
  DVRs up, DVDs down, as US viewers finally begin watching less TV
  Tvinci gets set for second wave of TV Everywhere
  Time Warner earns $250 million in first 3 Qs in streaming
  French big hitters weigh into CDN market
  BitTorrent recruits broadcast engineers to get live P2P to work properly
  Riks TV and Stofa join Nordics OTT party
  FCC offer gives Dish terrestrial network as 5th broadband player
  Deals, launches and products
15 November, 2012
  Deutsche Telekom looking beyond Microsoft for middleware and CA
  Stressed Verivue falls foul of spending restraint and caves in to Akamai
  Microsoft follows Intel into the consumer watching space
  EBU wants a universal digital radio chip in every European phone
  French pay radio rolls on Onde gains license as expected
  One screen is enough for the cinema
  AT&T commits $14 bn to expand all broadband networks
  Swedens Magine reinvents pay TV
  US survey shows complex changes in TV viewing habits
  Microsoft pins OTT revival on Xbox and Windows 8
  European results mixed in a familiar way
  Deals, launches and products
8 November, 2012
  Deutsche Telekom to build around Mediaroom but embrace OTT
  Chinese OTT duo completes Hollywood set with Sony Pictures deal
  Liberty Global slowly eases into Horizon sales, does everything else right
  Amazon gains on Netflix in US but most of its subscribers take both
  Netflix rumors do more for its share price than a year of record results
  Changing threats mean cardless CA can work for DTH says Farncombe
  Cloud Transcoding Elemental style
  Can Imagination really be a CPU contender with MIPS buy?
  DirecTV and Dish dragged down by contractual issues and lack of broadband
  Vodafone takes on Sky in New Zealand pay TV after Telstra acquisition
  Actelis doubles DSL speeds in rural areas
  Cablecos not waiting for Telcos to catch up Part II
  Sigma Designs looks ahead at home networking
  Deals, launches and products
1 November, 2012
  Microsoft Netflix takeover rumours feed on logic as well as froth
  Cook tries to put distance between himself and Apples foul-ups
  CEA invokes Betamax case in support of streaming service Aereo
  Liberty Global likely to find a Telenet resolution, despite hiccups
  HBO hits teething problems in first standalone OTT service
  DVB passes pointless NGH TV standard that cellcos will ignore
  CDN federation and transparent caching coming together for OTT
  New Nook tablets out this week, video deals with Fox and NBC
  Telefonica Latin America follows up Brazil IPTV launch in Chile
  Farncombe and Intertrust team for IPTV/OTT content protection
  Cablecos not waiting for Telcos in broadband
  ZTEs vectoring gear ready to ship
  Deals, launches and products
25 October, 2012
  Apple dumps Jobs advice and offers cut-price, low end iPad
  End game for MPEG DASH, oiling the moving parts of OTT streaming
  KPN and Virgin Media prosper while MTG struggles amid Nordic woes
  US Telco TV thrives, broadband withers, as wireless takes headlines again
  DigitalSmiths Recommending a change for US TV
  Ericsson takes sides in WebRTC, wont sit on web sidelines any longer
  Cloud transcoding comes of age
  Netflix Report Shares drop Investors not listening
  As you were, Jinni handles recommendations on all Belgacom TV
  Vivendi faces 400,000 subs loss after failing to overturn regulator ruling
  Is dead at Lantiq? Or just dormant?
  Microsoft combines functions of Spotify and iTunes in new music service
  Deals, launches and products
18 October, 2012
  TiVo hints at magnitude of its claims against Cisco and Motorola
  Alcatel, Adtran, Assia, Lantiq bring vectored guns to bear on BBWF
  Debt explains Vivendi Numericable interest
  South Korea delivers first third party IPTV service to Google TV
  We all agree you need to go to fiber. Right? Well dont we?
  Arris lines up Celeno as route into Horizon purchasing program
  Netgem not yet back to its A game, but the slump has stopped
  Netflix comes to the Nordics with confidence and high prices
  YouTube becoming more and more TV-like
  Softbank not so soft, bank on it creating genuine US competition
  Assia moves into managing and maximizing the homes WiFi network
  Spinning light rays herald revolution in communications and computation
  Deals, launches and products
11 October, 2012
  Samsung sticks to walled garden on smart TV content deals
  HBO ramps up for Nordics with Starz deal
  Avalanche of DTH orders may scupper Indian cable as deadline nears
  DTH to overtake cable TV in Europe but Telcos the real winners
  TV personalization US cable has to be the next convert
  Vivo places orders for Cisco Mediaroom set tops for 2013 launch
  Cablecos developing DOCSIS 3.1, with 10 Gbps down and 2 Gbps up
  Technicolor enhances 11n and 11ac performance
  Canal Plus points to US OTT players as reasons to call off the dogs
  Sky Italia sees social gaming as key to capturing second screen audience
  Samsung S3 attributed with 3rd quarter surge despite Apples attentions
  Google and Microsoft expand hardware activities
  IBM AT&T cloud alliance throws down gauntlet to other Telcos
  Deals, launches and products
4 October, 2012
  Accenture picks up NSN staff, assets - to broaden pay TV offering
  M-Go gears for launch with new partner Dreamworks, and new content
  TalkTalk aims high with YouView but has few kinks to iron out
  DishNet is same old, same old satellite broadband after all
  Recommendation paradigms Somewhere between charming and tedious
  DLNA plods forward towards premium home heaven
  Verizon ready to shut down future FiOS investment post 2014
  Telcos developing copper wire technology with fiber like speeds
  Apple versus the World part 18 Samsung can sell Tabs, sues iPhone 5
  Google TV lands in France after limping through UK
  Celeno gets additional $24m Investment
  French move to enforce minimum QoS highlights basic issues still unresolved
  Deals, launches and products
27 September, 2012
  Verizon starts buying video friends - TiVo and ActiveVideo up first
  Liberty Global quickly moves to self-install for Horizon
  Say it softly I always wanted a Nook
  Microsoft grateful for some good news for Mediaroom at VimpelCom
  Germany Hulu, like Hulu, breaks the rules of TV engagement
  Sky catches up on catch up, targets TiVo Virgin; offers social TV
  BSkyB finally clears Ofcom hurdle
  Big week for HbbTV
  Nintendo jumps into the Smarter TV market
  Theres only room for one App Store in this town, so can I buy you?
  Vectored DSL (not fiber) is sweeping Europe
  Deals, launches and products
20 September, 2012
  Edgewares VDN has a huge first birthday
  Entropic Were a set top company now
  Shazam adds full TV tagging to take on Zeebox in companion TV app market
  Viaccess-Orca tries to show whole is greater than sum of its parts at IBC
  European Pay TV pressure creates some illusory wins at IBC
  Amagi pushes cloud advertising delivery at IBC
  Digital rights are blocking Internet access to video archives, says EBU
  Irdeto adds Intelligence to the rising tide of video piracy
  Big screens, China and E Europe only bright spot for TVs worldwide
  Broadcom welds 11ac WiFi and DOCSIS 3.0 into a single chipset
  Taboola: Context over content in recommendation engines
  Deals, launches and products
13 September, 2012
  Whats the fuss on the Horizon Pay TV at the tipping point, thats all
  IBC sets a tone of getting on with it for 2013
  Tversity AirFlinger ready, cloud based browser around the corner
  Technicolor steals Cubovision away from Amino
  DVB reaches out to expand its influence in hybrid and connected TV
  The 3D slump at IBC
  Vidmind: Any company can offer pay TV
  HBO goes cordless in Northern Europe
  CRI lands job of making 4K storage secure for premium content
  FIMS no longer unsung hero after IBC Judges Award
  MoCA camp muted about Liberty Global Horizon
  Amazon attacks the iPad while Apples is focused on phones.
  Deals, launches and products
6 September, 2012
  Conax deal at DNA means it will not champion TiVo in Europe
  Samsung hedges bets over smart TV security
  Broadpeak sets up new body to promote best breeds
  Arqiva deal to buy Connect TV must upset broadcasters and partners
  YouTube prepares for phase 2 of its content experiment
  Akamai inches closer to the ideal HD go between, in the cloud
  Smart TV to shift balance of music power again
  TiVo adds 230,000 subscribers in the quarter
  Pace integrates its head end software with ThinkAnalytics
  Deals, launches and products
30 August, 2012
  Jinnis recommendations stretch to 3.8m European homes
  Ivi appeal dashed - cheap TV over the internet unlikely to happen
  French U turn on TV advertising
  ActiveVideo on cloud warpath after patents victory over Verizon
  If Apple gains Samsung tablet injunction, it can write its own content rules
  Netgem expands Nordic hybrid OTT front with YouSee
  Global TV findings more interesting when you drill down to US numbers
  Chinas Hisense puts out $99 Google TV
  IBM could pitch Watson against Siri in mobile devices
  Bendable batteries cause flap
  Small comeback for 3D
  ThinkMovies or ThinkTV You still have to build the system right
  WiFi Alliance broadens its direct connectivity capabilities
  Deals, launches and products
23 August, 2012
  OnLive uses unorthodox bankruptcy, drops staff, finds new owner
  Latest rumor of Hulu CEO departure heralds end of stormy honeymoon
  Altice waves 500m check and know-how at Caboviso s woes
  Ericsson waves token H.265 gains at smart phone - more PR than IPR
  Tivo SeaChange partnership could let Netflix in through backdoor
  Cloud still just for snacking but will soon eat big data
  The Apple-pro press rub their hands over Samsungs discomfort in the dock
  New faces in the pay TV ecosystem
  Video Everywhere its our Destiny
  Dish Clearwire deal leaks to US press
  Rovi: EPG and remotes arent dead yet
  Microsoft unveils its RT Tablet dream team
  Deals, launches and products
16 August, 2012
  Verizon tipped to get FCC approval on cable deal, with few conditions
  Netflix Scandinavian launch news, does not dent its hull further
  China plans super Comcast with 200 million customers
  Ciscos NDS lands Canal Digital, but its still DTH, not a telco
  Beware of tip-sheets dressed as tech sheets
  Primacom is no way back to cable for DT only idiots would suggest it
  Germanys Sky TV surging towards profitability
  Wed argue that Motorola layoffs wont touch Home
  Kabel Deutschland fortunes turning but slow as the whale it is
  Dish loses 10,000 subscribers
  Race is on for AMOLED screen dominance once again
  Codec stand-off intensifies between Microsoft and Google
  Ace CEO: Microsoft should rethink its Surface table decision
  Deals, launches and products
2 August, 2012
  Class Actions abound around AuthenTec sell-out to Apple
  UTStarcom CEO takes IPTV business private, leaves the company public
  Can TalkTalk walk the walk with YouView
  UK revising chamber tries to hijack Broadband Stimulus funds
  The cloud and home gateway are not mutually exclusive
  Telehealthcare could be the fifth play
  Cisco NDS deal cest fait
  BSkyB builds bridges with buyback, Latam props up Telefonica
  Amazon and Samsung step up iTunes attack
  Miracast needs to convert Intel, Google and Apple to dominate streaming
  IPTV homes to treble, Santa Claus is real and fairies dance in my garden
  Broadcom promises 11ac WiFi in tablets and smartphones by Q1
  Verizon gets serious about upcoming Redbox Instant OTT/DVD service
  Deals, launches and products
26 July, 2012
  European pay TV squares up to Euro crisis
  TiVo plots move to tablets and PCs as European momentum grows
  Knives out for Netflix - Good numbers but crashes on a throwaway line
  US Telcos TV services slow, increase Wireline revenues by inches
  NDS and Cisco free to pursue their loveless marriage
  Kaltura opening up the source is the way to do it all in video
  Alcatel and AuthenTec named as new Meo Go helpers at PT
  Yahoo shakes up media future with new hire
  Investors ponder a future where Apple is no longer perfect
  Apple wants $2.5bn to settle Samsung cases
  DirecTV faces down Viacom in blackout battle but war not over yet
  Verizon Wireless quad play deals with MSOs dent competition
  Qualcomm follows other display innovators into licensing model
  A Third Choice for Consumers in Wireline Broadband
  Deals, launches and products
19 July, 2012
  Rovi falters on slack new biz, IPR woes, as older business winds down
  Aereo Internet antenna verdict opens door to full blown OTT in US
  Skys Now TV may actually help Netflix in UK
  China opens door to DSL management specialist Assia
  The set top as a concept is finished, or not Part 6
  TiVo to springboard off TRA into multiscreen, DVR ad analytics
  Belgacom to bring IPTV integration in house from NSN
  Red Bee surveys consumers on VoD, recommendation and pay TV
  DigitalSmith offers pay TV OTT-like search and recommendation
  UK TV revenues up, catch up slowing, as smart TVs take hold
  Netflix should slow expansion outside the States, says analyst
  MIT has another bite at 3D
  Deals, launches and products
12 July, 2012
  Cable assets coming to market too early as Euro Squeeze hurts GET
  Ten years on DLNA fills in final piece of home video puzzle
  Design patents move to center stage in next wave of patents wars
  EU pushed both ways over net neutrality
  Fast zapping? Id rather watch my own channel thanks
  Billion-dollar white spaces goldmine at risk, says report
  Qualcomm and Akamai team on fast browsing
  AuthenTec scores another protection win at J:COM in Japan
  Intellect delivers slap in face for YouView
  French cinema helps rescue Canal+ takeover in regulator U-turn
  4K faces obstacles in consumer market
  LG: Apple wont take TV industry by storm
  Deals, launches and products
5 July, 2012
  Sony whips the gaming cloud out from under Samsung
  Microsoft's aQuantive write down wipes out Q4 profit
  Ooyala a cradle to protect Online video
  Comcast settles dispute with Boxee over cable encryption
  Verizon provokes outrage with latest attack on network neutrality
  The Sorcerers Apprentice Youre fired
  Samsung ploughs its own furrow over smart TV
  Nokia, Google and even Qualcomm emerge from patent war sidelines
  Orange to trial L-band to supplement capacity
  Global CEOs to sit, think and ponder broadcasts problems
  Deals, launches and products
28 June, 2012
  Google goes to war in language Apple can understand
  Smart TV makers get wise over split standards danger
  TiVo lands another major European cable co
  America Movil set for clearance to enter Mexican TV market
  Sony and Panasonic bet the farm on OLED
  WiFi Alliance takes historic step towards global wireless coverage
  Latin America to become Pay TV powerhouse by 2015
  Verizon offers 300 Mbps to the OTT Tablet crowd
  German TV civil war intensifies but RTL settles with KDG over HD
  Samsung inhospitably invading LGs Hospitality turf
  Belkin belatedly joins Placeshifting after it stops being a trend
  Amazon store comes to Europe, Fire to follow?
  Microsofts second surprise WP8 based on Windows 8
  Deals, launches and products
21 June, 2012
  Microsoft tablet pitched at TV addicts as well as wordsmiths
  Traditional measures of TV audience face social challengers
  Advertising to rise on the back of social media surge
  LCD TV shipments fall for the first time
  Production heading for the clouds
  AuthenTec lands DRM deal on major NTT DoCoMO video app
  Broadband passes 600m, IPTV passes 65m, China prominent
  EU seeks to put broadband broadcast wars to bed for good
  Popcornflixs free movies to appear on smart Tvs
  Qualcomm Atheros and Lantiq team up to design next gen home gateway
  Ruwidos last stand for the remote
  Deals, launches and products
14 June, 2012
  French ambition, Israeli intensity Tying the multiscreen knot
  FCC wants to relieve MSOs of dual viewability
  Google woos broadcasters while Apple puts the boot in over maps
  Kabel Deutschland urges German regulator to see big picture at ANGA Cable
  Intel science fiction can we watch you, watching TV
  AMD enlists mobile bedfellows to hit Intel in hybrid processors
  ATSC M/H goes for emergency appeal, readies social system for launch
  China and Sony lead the charge towards Smart TVs
  Viaplay and Telenor run for OTT
  Mexicos Cablevision building 100 Gbps network
  Nagra shows theres life in QAM approaches finish line with certification testing
  Deals, launches and products
7 June, 2012
  Cisco sues, TiVo countersues, over the core patent behind DVRs
  New ITU recommendations for 3D too little too late
  Netflix digs own CDN for victory
  Microsoft E3 moves underscore its focus on Xbox from here on in
  How Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, iTunes stack up against DVDs
  Broadcasters have most to gain from IPv6 as it goes live on many networks
  Samsung to use Gaikai to break into cloud gaming
  Soros takes Sunrise in Sao Paolo player Marvell shows off five design wins in Taiwan
  WiFi expands beyond home data networks
  Google aims at Nokia and Microsoft with its first European suit
  TV viewers turning to connected devices
  Deals, launches and products
31 May, 2012
  TDF presents its credentials for winning the pay radio bid in France
  Second largest Cinema chain sold out to the Chinese
  Ono restructures debt in downtrodden Spanish economy
  Ateme designs a multiscreen encoder from the ground up
  Time for MSOs to integrate legacy VoD and Internet infrastructures
  Motorola Mobility shows DreamGallery search and recommend
  Japan weighs in against HbbTV for global hybrid dominance
  Technicolor pushes back on plan B, but holds it in reserve
  TiVo misses by an inch, the market treats it as a mile
  Digital storage does not solve all archiving problems
  US re-applies satellite signal distribution rules to Internet
  Entropic first to ship MoCA 2.0 chips
  Comcast previews next-gen UI for all devices and services
  Deals, launches and products
24 May, 2012
  Cable operators tie up WiFi across the US, build out to accelerate
  TiVo enters tablets with TiVo stream, offers cable 6 way Pace box
  Verizon Viewdini offers route to wireless devices for all forms of video
  Cloud marriage made in heaven for MSOs?
  YouView is now too late for the Olympics
  UK Competition Commission ducks Sky decision, says things have changed
  Greed and the chocolate IPO factory
  Apple and Samsung CEO forced to talk nice, look for solution
  US jury finds no Java patent case for Android to answer
  The third way of pay TV
  Sandvine tries to sow Netflix doubts just for publicity
  Germans take to smart TV
  MaxLinear goes up directly against Broadcom Full Band Capture
  HomePlug Crowd ready for HomeGrid Challenge
  Deals, launches and products
17 May, 2012
  Apples rules of engagement constrain any TV effort it may try
  Samsung switches to OLED early sets up challenge to all TV players
  Dish locks horns with broadcasters over ad skipping
  Cabo Viso fires 100 staff, in content payment arrears
  Netflix broadens European focus Sweden is next
  The three speeds of European pay TV
  Verizon-cable deal in doubt
  Vivendi warns of major change at SFR to counter Free
  Verizon courts CE vendors to cut set tops
  KDG lands TeleColumbus says FT, after bids from Liberty, Deutsche
  Sony promises no more losses after last years $5.7 billion loss
  Game console war goes to TV as Xbox outguns iPad
  LG plans Google TV launch next week
  Tablets slump 38%, new iPad gains shipment share
  HomeGrid aims at telcos and powerlines markets
  Deals, launches and products
10 May, 2012
  Pay radio moves inches closer to a 2013 take off point in France
  Darth Vader set on ownership of Sirius while the Empire sits powerless
  Elemental takes on new cash, pushes past $10m, lands new Latam customer
  Samsung buys US music service to focus in on the Apple eco-system
  Netgear First to ship 11ac WiFi router with Broadcom inside
  Redbox DVD rentals growing like an internet company
  Deutsche TV navigates Eurozone crisis by switch to satellite
  Latam powers ahead, Europe grows subs while US boosts ARPU
  Bouygues Telecom swallows Darty to gain 300,000 subs
  OTT will not be a cheap lunch, says Agama
  LG launches cloud TV service as smart TV makers struggle over delivery
  Why video discovery is so hard to implement
  Deals, launches and products
3 May, 2012
  Technicolor tidies up balance sheet, reminds shareholders of its value
  Plenty left unsaid in $300 million Microsoft Barnes & Noble tie up
  Minerva packs ranks with heavy hitters to turn the tide
  Epic European adventures for OTT
  Olympics stokes debate over video contribution compression
  French show how to improve video on the move
  IPTV homes jump to 60 million, Verizon leaps too
  Samsung goes quad-core with Aquila
  Accedo adds Apps to flying German OTT service maxdome
  Old Whitey flips his lid on dreams of Apple global domination
  Harris decides to cut its losses in broadcast, writes off $400m
  Now NBC shows of its Upfront for 115 million gamers
  Deals, launches and products
26 April, 2012
  AOL first to chase broadcast $$s with new content deals at NewFront
  Investors circle Barnes & Noble as its plans Nook spin off
  Virgin Media, KPN and AT&T toast rising subs and ARPU
  Investors run for the hills without reading the Netflix small print
  Separating the hip from the hype at Connected TV World Forum
  Entropic bets farm on Trident, but 28nm merged SoC, some way off
  NTT backs push VoD for mobile TV
  Lantiqs video grade 802.11n making inroads at pay TV services
  Walmart jumps out front with DVD-to-Digital service
  China key to Apple success, as its ekes out another immense quarter
  Ofcom makes it clear Sky Movies not affected by Netflix
  EBU and global broadcasters put weight behind DTT with FOBTV
  Deals, launches and products
19 April, 2012
  Sony extends its lack of vision to a new piece of junk hardware
  Conax weighs in with pre-integrated multi-screen platform
  AOL embraces Nielsen metrics, in bid to dominate first online Upfront
  Axio TV - If you cant beat cable networks at first, try fresh technology
  EBU drinks the NovelSat elixir
  Post-recession bounce over for global broadcasting
  Chip maker use MIPS SoC design to bring order to Chinas DTH
  Brightcove opens the door on thousands of pay OTT video services
  Sony pumps free ad driven movies into Crackle in Latin America
  MyGlobeTV is second French TV service to operate in the US
  Tabletomics the art of keeping your viewers engaged
  IBM report highlights four steps to reach connected consumer
  Russian WiFi adventure ahead for Quantenna MIMO chips
  Deals, launches and products
12 April, 2012
  Arxan talks of a decade of software only protection we think far less
  Yahoo enters last chance saloon through revolving doors
  Scandinavia joins procession to HbbTV in Europe
  Will OTT kill IP Multicast or merely change the terminology?
  H.265 will be for TVs rather than mobiles for now
  Elemental hopes Olympics will springboard GPU based encoding
  Technicolor rests IPTV future on M-Go and MediaNavi
  The US cord is growing not being cut
  Walmarts disk-to-digital venture to bring millions into digital media era
  World Series of IP cases approaches as Oracle guns for Android
  US TV ARPU may rise and rise to 2020 - or it may not
  New Sony CEO shakes up the executive suite
  Deals, launches and products
5 April, 2012
  Google TV to push its luck in France
  Verizon and Cablecos face stern opposition to their plans
  Virgin France does pay TV MNO on SFR for full, cheap Quad offer
  Mobile security majors close ranks to slam tablet security holes
  SnapDragon 4 has a shot at unseating Broadcom, ST Micro on set tops
  Satellite industry victim of own success
  Microsoft reveals multi $billion Xbox patent claims from Motorola
  SeaChange goes from hard to soft
  War of words over DirecTV local TV deal
  Envivio still hankering after IPO
  Lantiq shipping chips for 100 Mbps over Telco copper wires
  More iPad purchases on the horizon
  Deals, launches and products
29 March, 2012
  TiVo - undefeated champion of next gen TV so do we have any offers?
  Consolidation in German cable as KDG hovers over Telecolumbus?
  After many dark days, Marlin is having its day in the Sun
  Something rotten in the state of Denmark but not in neighboring states
  New world order to emerge from wreckage of IPTV and Mediaroom
  Franco Qatar bond giving Al Jazeera leg up into big sporting rights
  Sony and HTC chase content platforms and profits, of Apple and Samsung
  NEC buys Convergys for back office push
  Astra backs research that says satellite is finally ahead in Europe
  Multi-screen can buy you money
  Tiny Ekioh finds itself embedded in IPTV eco-system
  Conax works on integrated plug ins for off the shelf OTT
  Deals, launches and products
22 March, 2012
  Feeding on the rotting corpse of a 7 year old failed IPTV strategy
  Chunghwa comes out of the dark ages to light up Ericsson IPTV strategy
  Orange converges for OTT future with some HbbTV hybrid thrown in
  Flash pioneer turns his fortune at the emerging TV UI market
  Tversity throws content at the set top, with just software
  Set top disruption to spread to second TVs as tablets mop up viewing
  Broadcom targets Chinas consumer market with 1 Gbps broadband
  Qualcomm Atheros launches first entry level HomePlug AV-based EoC chip
  BBC to mine its archive for license fee top up
  Drive for global terrestrial unity gathers steam
  Broadband and IPTV growing faster than ever
  Google back in the mainstream with Android and WebM
  Deals, launches and products
15 March, 2012
  Cisco and NDS boards agree $5 billion buy-out
  TV Everywhere kills Telefonicas Alice IPTV service in Germany
  Adobe faces life after flash with Prime Time
  Intel looking at TV again but rumors may be off course
  The TV conundrum the challenges ahead for pay TV networks
  Are Apps a good idea on a TV screen?
  Competition Commission to take deeper look at UK movies and Sky
  Ofcom itself on trial over BSkyB?
  Google dumps Android Market as it chases iTunes and the new iPad
  The iPads growing component needs mean Apple cant divorce Samsung
  TV shipments down for first time since LCD took dominance
  Marvell will upgrade all its WiFi 11n chips to 11ac
  Deals, launches and products
8 March, 2012
  US News Corp paper takes a flyer at Motorola Home being up for sale
  The last Hurrah of the Golden Horde Cables finest hour
  Oh yeah (yawn) Apple has launched another iPad
  Aereo cloud antenna draws heavy legal fire from US broadcasters
  The Cellco Broadcast wars: Tension spreads to US
  Alticast has its own super set top software stack with Android, HTML 5.0
  US operators fiddling while Netflix burns their lunch
  France loves DTT but cant make it pay
  Teleste proposes more intelligent cable network controls
  Wal-Mart to help register Ultraviolet content
  Generation C has high device ownership
  Is Apple finally weakening on its patents war?
  Deals, launches and products
1 March, 2012
  Rising from the ashes, the Phoenix of DVD movies on a USB stick
  Europe happy hunting ground for Tivo
  Cisco bids, alongside minnows, for WiFi seat at Cellular table
  Entropic wins Tridents hand Now the work begins
  Assia Chipping away at the DSL engineers workload
  Canadas Cogeco dumps Cabovisao on Altice group
  Mixed TV fortunes for European Telcos
  OTT coming of age for paid services in Europe
  UK Start up opens 45 new channels on DTT service
  Digitalsmiths: CE devices changing the way we view video
  Smart TV growth will break old premium sports model
  Qualcomm Atheros targets smartphones for its 802.11ac tonic
  RIM: How not to run a tablet operation
  Deals, launches and products
23 February, 2012
  Comcast erupts onto the OTT market but you must read the fine print
  Technicolor appears undecided between the two video WiFi leaders
  Has Cisco tired of set tops yet?
  European free to air TV loses out at spectrum conference
  Can US pay TV stem the VoD leakage?
  Streaming attention may switch to DRM after mad rush for DASH
  Good start to 2012 for G.Hn
  Satellite still forging ahead in Latin America, cable consolidating
  Latin America puts gloss on DirecTV 2011 results
  Bye-bye Pay TV, Hello OTT - Withdrawal pains from cutting the cord
  Inevitable: Growth of OTT Market and its move to original content
  Deals, launches and products
16 February, 2012
  Broadcast industry must face up to IPv6 migration at last
  Nielsen shows what it wants to show cord cutters slide under the wire
  Mobile TV Advertising on the Move
  PlayStation OS could be killer weapon in new CEOs reinvention of Sony
  FCC strikes death blow to LightSquared, Dish must come into play
  Japanese TV set makers losing $billions
  UTStarcom lands two Chinese deals despite taking a back seat in set tops
  BT to offer 300 Mbps in 2013
  Google and Apple expose their Achilles heels
  Russia takes to DVB-T2 with love
  Comcast continues to confound its customers
  Small cablecos look for alternative to CableCard
  Deals, launches and products
  InterDigital signs two white spaces partners
9 February, 2012
  US plots third generation of ATSC TV even before second is deployed
  MPEG DASH overtakes Apple HLS in race for universal streaming standard
  Mediaroom to fight it out with Myrio for IPTV in merged US telco
  Satellite gains amid mixed 2011 results for pay TV
  Redbox deal signals the long erosion of the pay TV middleman
  Sony puts its hand in its pocket for video analysis patents
  Dish and LightSquared offer no solution to US mobile shortage
  Broadcom leads the way to backhaul on a chip
  Morega securely downloads Pay TV videos to tablets, smartphones, PCs
  MoCA boom brings revenue increase to Entropic
  Four hundred million homes have home networks most run DLNA
  US TV stations find a use for sub channels at last
  Deals, launches and products
2 February, 2012
  BT is first Pay TV operator to dump Microsoft Mediaroom
  Sky to launch Netflix spoiler in UK expecting Europe wide OTT battle
  AT&T reshuffle to put T-Mobile deal behind it, Stephenson dodges bullet
  Canal Plus TPS takeover debate rumbles on after six years
  Rights holders hoping for life after SOPA in PIPA
  Unexciting AT&T and Time Warner Cable pay TV results
  DiiVA debuts; worlds next great CE home network
  Amazon still not ready to shout about Kindle Fire sales
  Broadband closes in on 600 million homes in the next few quarters
  North Carolinas Super Wi-Fi headlines look premature
  ITU aims to sort out dogs breakfast of cross border ENG
  Deals, launches and products
26 January, 2012
  Netflix numbers should sweep away knee-jerk negative reactions
  Apple has a quarter of such magnificence Can it ever repeat it?
  Amino opts for Celeno over Quantenna for wireless DVR
  European OTT stampede will reach 83 million devices by 2015
  Time runs out for DVB-H in Russia too
  Accedo grows from small acorn to one stop shop on TV Apps
  No car chase or shoot out as NDS hacker case dies with a whimper
  Bouygues claims lead in cloud gaming, highlights French competitiveness
  FiOS puts in strong Q4, KPN in Europe follows suit
  Broadcom, Qualcomm Atheros fire pre-launch broadside at
  Qualcomm Atheros ready to start shipping draft P1905 upgrade
  Pace to eliminate IPTV service calls with ES3 partnership
  Sunrise joins incumbent Telco Swisscom in Swiss TV market
  Deals, launches and products
19 January, 2012
  Kit Digital aims to become the Cisco of multiscreen TV, adds Sezmi
  Facebook and Hulu both coming back strong with video initiatives
  Comcast accelerates full TV on tablets with AnyPlay trials
  Technicolor ventures into consumer market with M-GO
  Quantenna and Celeno, the Avis and Hertz of WiFi video
  Qualcomm Atheros launches universal media shifting platform
  5.1 MPEG Surround from the folks that developed MP3 and AAC
  Think again if you think Dish would make a nice snack for AT&T
  Wi-Fi standards proliferate to meet home video demands
  Oracles offer to drop some Android claims to bring patents war to a head
  Toshiba keeps in the smart TV game with companion apps
  Wikipedia blackout over SOFA highlights legislative can of worms
  Deals, launches and products
12 January, 2012
  Rovi a vision or an illusion? A Russian doll of many parts
  Dish rolls the dice in Vegas, shakes up its entire world
  CES takes in LTE handsets, WiFi, TV Apps, tuners, Gimmicks and tablets
  Samsung throws down gauntlet to Google at CES
  Sony auditions for future with Crystal LED Displays
  The unglamorous world of video testing, acquires some neon in Las Vegas
  Nokia returns to the US with LTE Lumia 900 nobody laughs this time
  Like Ericsson, wanting to be Apple Huawei opens US smartphone account
  NFC not just about payments, say RIM and Marvell
  CES: PC makers become cloud providers, with dangers for the networks
  Polish TV funding crisis highlights European license dilemma
  TV playing pivotal role in China soft power game
5 January, 2012
  MetroPCS to be standard bearer for ATSC M/H mobile TV
  Broadcom adds placeshifting, MoCA 2.0 as Entropic prepares SoC bid
  Google partially bests Oracle as patents are invalidated
  TiVo wins yet another legal battle investors kick it in the teeth
  Chinese GPS offers threats and opportunities for Western chip makers
  Liberty Global puts back German Horizon launch to second half 2012
  Canal Plus pulls out of 3D for now
  FilmOn claims internet TV workaround which is just broadcast
  S3 lands key iPlayer App testing contract
  Users Spend Twice as Much Time on Netflix than Hulu
  S-LCD deal is some long needed good news for Sony, not Samsung
  Amazon could license Fires content platform, worrying Google
  Tablets fail to ignite tablet viewing in the UK
  Deals, launches and products
15 December, 2011
  Adtran to leverage NSN reach to build in Europe
  Verizon is NOT going to buy Netflix so what IS it going to do?
  Beware reports that say Apple will conquer the OTT world
  Broadcom survey reveals growing appetite for connected and mobile TV
  To lose one UK set top CEO may be regarded as misfortune.
  UltraViolet Euro launch amid tech troubles and biz model concerns
  TV set makers look ahead to a set top free world
  Apple buying into Flash to get round Samsung
  Facebook App may highlight future but doesnt quite hack it today
  Motorola gains first of an avalanche of patent reversals due for Apple
  China Mobile claims 50 million users of TV on the phone
  France picks over regulatory bones of connected TV
  EU looking at Apple, 5 publishers for price fixing
  Deals, launches and products
8 December, 2011
  Verizon has Netflix class video play up its sleeve say reports
  Comcast, Time Warner collude with arch rival Verizon over quad play
  Assia mounts vectoring assault on accelerating the worlds DSL lines
  US battle over media pluralism rages while Europe dithers
  OTT Video heaven to hit UK as Sky, Netflix and Amazon vie for control
  Celeno finally uncovers video WiFi Deutsche deal, adds deal in Oz
  Latam sources say Telefonica to ditch IPTV system for Microsoft
  TV panels still needed in connected era by advertisers, broadcasters
  Rovi, Pace team up on next gen cloud-based set top
  Umami takes the lead in companion-social TV with CBS, Nat Geo deals
  PHXX aims at Telcos wanting to add OTT; has 3 Middle East wins
  Amazon Kindle off to flying start as Nook feels strain of keeping up
  Deals, launches and products
1 December, 2011
  Cord erosion identified in latest round of pay TV surveys
  Trust German efficiency to call a TV cartel a Kartel
  Yahoo on the block? Does all the smoke mean a firesale?
  Elemental - A transcoder which is finding its element
  Apple will not repeat tablet success in connected TV
  Nokia Siemens Networks throws in towel over fixed infrastructure
  Broadcom brings DOCSIS based EoC to China
  BSkyB preempts cord splitting by putting movies onto OTT
  Roku looks across the Pond
  Samsung mounts chip challenge for Tablet players
  Black Friday confirms tablets are a two-horse race
  Deals, launches and products
24 November, 2011
  WHDI could partner with WiFi to make the leap to video dominance
  Alcatels ng Connect ecosystem gathers steam but what is it for?
  Yahoo and Sony tuck into interactive multimedia Ads
  TiVo subscriptions turn the corner as Virgin and RCN deals cut in
  Can all technology companies be like Apple?
  Do Facebook and Amazon need their own phones to outwit Google?
  Connected devices open new dimensions, not new markets says study
  Knee jerk reactions could doom Netflix, but only to mediocrity
  VideoSurf takes Microsoft into a whole new way of solving cloud problems
  Europeans call for tighter standards in hybrid advertising
  ST Micro joins pincer movement on MoCAs Entropic
  NTT seeks CDN pickings in Eastern Europe on back of IPTV boom
  Apple, Google beef up music for tablets, CE
  HomeGrid gang aims at lucrative SmartGrid market
  Deals, launches and products
17 November, 2011
  Quantenna ups the ante with first move in next gen 802.11ac WiFi wars
  ConnecTV creates Social TV Everywhere local online viewing
  Motorola finds first taker for IPTV DreamGallery in Canadas Shaw
  Broadcom WiFi wants to hijack the internet of things from cellular
  Adobe and Logitech pull out delivers further blow to Google TV
  UltraViolet Digital Locker stutters into life
  IPTV gathers force in Chile as FTTH takes over from hybrids
  Sigma Designs HPNA EoC may have edge in India
  Qualcomm Atheros jumps to lead in China with HomePlug Ethernet
  Long term TV decline for cable being made up in broadband
  Netflix lines up more content deals for UK launch
  Kindle Fire is attracting developers in their droves, Nook next
  Nokia plans W8 tablet, critical moment for Microsoft and Qualcomm
  Microsoft may be planning social network as Facebook Mobile grows
  Deals, launches and products
10 November, 2011
  Latin America swings to satellite as TV subs explode
  Carphone Warehouse pulls out of US to focus on UK and perhaps TV
  Massive Chinese STB orders favor locals Cisco and Ericsson get taste
  Dish tantalizes with visions of mergers and mobile video as subs fall
  Quantenna opts for Europes Telefonica as first trade investor
  Wireless patent giants bite back against Apple and Microsoft
  Slashed churn and Latin American surge drives record subs at DirecTV
  US home video spending is up for the first time since 2008
  iPad and TV get closer - 97 channels at Bright House, 38 at DirecTV
  Tegra 3 Superman chip debuts in Asus Transformer Prime
  Barnes & Noble takes a Nook at Kindle Fire and iPad?
  Deals, launches and products
3 November, 2011
  Google tinkers, but its TV is still not quite right
  Broadcom chips sit behind the Alcatel 50 Mbps rewiring of Belgium
  Liberty Media plan for German dominance scuppered by Cartel office
  Adobe targets TV Everywhere and UGC sites with Auditude buy
  Broadcasters call for CDN tweaks, to globalize online video delivery
  LTE TV deployment accelerates as performance concerns subside
  Androids Window is narrowing as fragmentation continues
  Connected TV fee proposal opens can of worms
  UltraViolet needs a boost - Popular for all the wrong reasons
  Kudelski cuts staff and platforms to chase profits in uncertain times
  Top three US Cablecos lose 357,000 plus homes, rely on commercial
  IPTV players dominate European pay TV quarterly highlights
  Linksys survives and looks for role as home hub
  Deals, launches and products
27 October, 2011
  AT&T cuts its own cord by going wireless
  Netflix learning to trust dumb, dumber and dumberer all over again
  Broadcom and Intel pull out of smart TVs
  Is LTE being primed for cheap mobile TV?
  Irdeto buys pirate tracker Bay TSP
  The job of turning Cablecos from dinosaurs into dynamos
  Pace continues to manage bad news badly with third profit warning
  Broadcom loses touch in traditional markets chases mobile breaks through the social TV barrier
  TV Everywhere brings little joy to operators
  Will Qualcomm shift Skifta when it could not move FLO TV?
  Philips, Panasonic, LG having TV troubles
  Deals, launches and products
20 October, 2011
  The new 60 GHz monster WiGig gets set to roll
  Vdio may provide the internet video rush which Joost lacked
  AT&T suit taking shape in TiVos favor is it time to settle
  Qualcomm Atheros argues once again for HomePlug we argue back
  Samsung Apple breakup continues, Apple misses numbers by fractions
  EU budgets 9bn, hopes to leverage 50bn to hit broadband targets
  Netgem kicks off season of Q3 results with sharp decline
  BSkyB in rude health despite weaker TV adds ramps up Sky Go
  Carlyle Group takes first cable holding in Spain through Telecable
  UWB is back: NXP to use it for audio streaming
  Deals, launches and products
13 October, 2011
  Arris lands BigBand, investors make a noise about the price
  Microsoft scores against Apple, with global Xbox TV deals
  Qwikster PR disaster derailed, but Netflix share slump goes on
  Hulu bidding continues minus the troubled Yahoo
  TiVos new $500 DVR debuts - OTT, 2TB, 4 tuners
  EU call for private Broadband cash is not passing the buck
  Roku has low end, $50 player and takes HBO Go
  Comcast alludes to Xbox 360 TV service in denouncing FCC AllVid
  Red Bee Media lands exclusive multi-year deal with UPC
  Virgin Media aims to lift the fog from the cloud
  Sony trying to buy all of mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson
  GSM Association says there will be 12 billion cellular connections in 2020
  Deals, launches and products
6 October, 2011
  Steve Jobs The industry mourns a man who dared to think different
  Kroes pounces with new consultations on broadband price and sharing
  Telecom Italia snubs Media arm, by grabbing control of IPTV content
  Quantenna comes out fighting on the power consumption front
  Oh, yes and just one more thing Apple has launched another phone
  Amazon and Adobe should come closer to grasp cloud initiative
  M7 takes Euro pay TV tally towards 3 million homes with Skylink buy
  Nagra buys subscriber module from Sigma to guide addressable ads
  Rhapsody with few forward options hangs Napster round its neck
  105 million Blu-ray devices by 2015 - all need a home network
  Intels WiDi technology streams anything from a PC or Tablet to a TV
  Kindle Fire on track to outdo iPads first month sales:
  BT takes fiber up to 300 Mbps next spring, 110 Mbps now
  Deals, launches and products
29 September, 2011
  Amazon Firing up the Kindle; an iPad for grown-ups
  Marvells DS2 technology weighs in on, as more silicon is promised
  Sigma joins CRI crypto fans, expects CryptoFirewall on chip soon
  Coax? We got Coax? Half of Europe dying for new broadband approach
  Fiber up, Broadband up, IPTV up say Broadband World Forum reports
  Broadband World Forum is a platform for changing world of copper
  Qualcomm and Atheros take their war to World Broadband Forum
  Nagravision insists its had cloud search for years, offers soft DRM
  Google tries to unseat Hulu discussions with overbid Dish is top bidder
  Facebook could become THE place to watch movies, TV shows
  Los out, Megs in as stock market pauses to draw breath
  Android reaches a huge 43% of US smartphones
  Deals, launches and products
22 September, 2011
  Netflix A company that the world says can do nothing right
  CRI not alone in Broadcom secure region but perhaps more open
  Google Wallet goes live under PayPals shadow
  Samsung-Apple lawsuits reach 21, action threatened against iPhone 5
  Moca 2.0 may have throughput edge, but is it enough to invade Europe?
  Pace insists it was always a software company we suppose its right
  Celeno offers client MIMO chip, pre-integrates it with Sigma chips
  Oregan puts out ISDB-T hybrid system for Latam partner Telefonica
  Irdeto broadens OTT software stack with Aprico recommendations
  Viaccess takes Microsoft PlayReady as basis of its tablet secure platform
  RVU remote tech aims for CE device interoperability with pay TV
  Intel shows potential ARM killer for tablets and smartphones
  Deals, launches and products
15 September, 2011
  The Emperors new clothes are woven with OTT Tablet strategies at IBC
  Broadcom bids for dominant role as Intel of the Internet
  Two doors open for Mobile broadcast TV at IBC very small doors
  US falls do not mean the dream is over at Netflix
  Envivio steeped in MPEG history, trying to hijack the OTT future
  OTT may trigger remote mouse uWand usage for Philips
  Horizon plans predictable but few in Europe have been so bold
  Playcast offers cloud gaming for pay TV providers
  UPC Ziggo deal is off that was never on in the first place
  Pay TV revenue continues to grow globally
  Lets take the Netflix model to books says Amazon
  Vizio issues upgrade to fix tablet problems
  Deals, launches and products
8 September, 2011
  CRI coup ushers in HD DRM era on Broadcom and ST superchips
  Sigma puts on HomePlug speed burst, keeps powder dry on
  AirTies opens up its Media Gateway whole home box for cable and satellite
  Broadcom rattles Full Band Capture saber at IBC show
  Intel MeeGo on the ropes? Or is it just falling out of cellular
  Dish ready to batter Netflix if it can land Hulu and a Starz deal
  GET cable puts OTT plans in Paces hands
  MoCAs certification rate accelerates to 100 devices
  Apple streams do the semantics dance
  Apple now get Samsung to pull the 7.7 inch version of Galaxy Tab
  Apple gets ready to sue Google
  AT&T $6 billion kill fee looks like mostly propaganda Now Sprint sues
  AMDs new CEO must get serious about a portable strategy
  Deals, launches and products mostly from IBC
1 September, 2011
  NDS changes habits of a lifetime, offers Sky and DirecTV downloadable DRM
  Pace embraces set top Superchips with software revamp for Pay TV
  600 million Asians wait with bated breath for digital TV about-turn
  US Justice surprises everyone, raises objection to AT&T T-Mob deal
  Google TV not just coming to the UK, but destined for everywhere
  Harmonic integrates encoders with AuthenTec DRM agent code
  Bids for Hulu are in with hopes for $2bn price tag
  Amazon has to be radical in tablets, but will Apple dare sue?
  AMDs new CEO must get serious about mobile, keep chasing tablets
  Sony has 3D HMD gem hidden among tablets and books
  Deals, launches and products
25 August, 2011
  Jobs departs and Apple stares at the precipice Can it continue to climb?
  Dish leaps one wireless generation, straight to LTE Advanced
  TiVo gets used to the words exceeding our guidance and it feels good
  Ant and Oregan both address OTT streaming from the browser
  HP cannot compete with Apple, but a free PC group can find new belief
  UK to never get more than 58% pay TV really? Think again
  Intertrust lands Fujitsu as new Marlin client
  Amazon drives up online video offerings, makes moves in the Cloud
  Amazon follows trend by buying its own content
  Sony slashes prices of Google TVs
  HomeGrid shows signs of more Asian support
  Oracle points to Androids real issues, which are masked by handset litigation
  Deals, launches and products
18 August, 2011
  AirTies tempted away to Quantenna chips for home video distribution
  Son of DVB-H comes up for air in mobile TV allergic Europe
  Vodafone Netherlands joins Germany and Spain offering TV, triple play
  Arxan sees rise in tamper-proofing DRM, as Ultra Violet takes form
  The Google-Motorola deal is an iceberg 90% of it is not visible - yet
  Hauppauge offers PC to WiFi app for free to Air TV on your iPad
  As you were - Samsung Tab back on the menu across Europe for now
  Wi-Fi eyes every aspect of home networking
  Intels Wireless Display TV technology takes on Apples AirPlay
  Walmart finally buries its MP3 service
  TWC jumps 750k subs with Insight purchase
  The slow pace of US TV Everywhere has Fox pulling content from Hulu
  Siano and Chinese chip maker Innofidei make friends, play nice
  Deals, launches and products
11 August, 2011
  A bad week in US stocks crystallizes thinking on Pay TV
  Apple says Dont copy our design in battle of Tablets files in Germany
  New Dish CEO talks openly about getting into cellular
  Broadcasters and the great American Spectrum swindle
  Will Hulu end up as the perennial orphan? Or will it be taken into care?
  Cablevision ignores TV Networks complaints shifts channels to iPhone
  Quad play boom: Carlos Slim acts decisively, US cablecos left floundering
  Cablevision supplier establishes core VoD patents in Verizon suit
  Intel capital invests in Chinese STB maker JoySee
  Adobe Edge builds bridge to HTML5, but codec war still rages
  Liberty Global slows TV losses, Deutsche Telekom continues TV ramp
  Deals, launches and products
28 July, 2011
  NAB says chunks of US broadcast TV will go dark if FCC plan goes ahead
  Netflix shakes off disappointment at its results with confident predictions
  Spanish Pay TV tips into the black with a little massaging of the figures
  US proposals would seek to auction unlicensed spectrum
  Google calls for patent reform, Apple judge sort of provides it
  Euro telcos thrive on IPTV, as Spain continues in financial mire
  Virgin limps in with 2.2% growth, begins losing TV customers again
  VoD to grow says researcher, despite obvious attractions of OTT
  Europe claims LightSquared could affect Galileo too
  NetMovies beats Netflix to Samsung Smart TVs in Brazil
  Broadcoms Palm Makes Overwhelming Case for P1905
  Mozilla and Baidu join battle for the new cloud OS
  Deals, launches and products
21 July, 2011
  Belgium could be Europes test case to unbundle pay TV services
  Czech and Slovak Skylink separately up for sale
  Rovi loses second European patent case investors completely ignore it
  Telenor confuses with mixed pay TV support
  TeliaSonera now has 1 million pay TV customers in Europe
  Apple conquers AsiaPac, overtakes IBM and lines up $100 billion year
  Intel results strong, but low end a bit of a worry
  NextWave US players pass on yet another spectrum opportunity
  Another Cutting the Cord study says 10% would
  1Gbps start-up Hyperoptic said to be ready in September
  Apple targets GetJar for name suit
  Does Android now have a licensing cost? Many supporters fear so
  Deals, launches and products
14 July, 2011
  Investors confused as Netflix economic model changes
  News Corp could be shaken to its foundations by UK hacking scandal
  Netgear takes 2nd gen Quantenna chip for home gateways, video bridges
  EU asks how to make our film industry great answers by video please
  Patents war chests being scoured to find ways to halt Android momentum
  Quickflix online service for Bravias is anything but a quickfix
  The Open IPTV Forum sets ambitious multiscreen oriented release 2.1
  EU survey shows double play, triple play but almost no quad play
  European homes already panting for multiscreen TV strategies
  UltraViolets digital locker is built - Consumer launch later this year
  P1905 venture to help sales of MoCA, HomePlug devices
  Apple bust up with Samsung means $5 billion will be going elsewhere
  Deals, launches and products
7 July, 2011
  Irdeto chases studio contracts with Blu-ray BD+ security purchase
  The next Netflix territory turns out to be 43 separate countries
  Will Google stay the course and pay the price to land Hulu?
  Dish sneaks to home base on TerreStar bankrupt spectrum
  Netgem uses partner Monaco Telecom to test new tablet TV architecture
  WiFi offload moves into the heart of the cellcos 4G strategies
  Three major Japanese players poised to re-assert LCD for phones, tablets
  TiVo pitched by US bankers as takeover target, or is it a buyer?
  Asia Pacific pay TV driving upwards, but ARPU still largely low
  Skype powered Facebook video chats will take off like a range fire
  Deals, launches and products
30 June, 2011
  New satellite modulation from Novelsat pushed as possible DVB-S3
  Airties points way to HD video on shared WiFi/powerline networks
  Americans in love with eReaders, but confusion halts Tablet progress
  Cablecos prove disruptive force as European 4G auctions pile up
  Pay TV revenue to swing satellites way as cable hits bump in the road
  DLNA elevates the use of HPNA to being level with MoCA
  OMVC lines up tools, but the big push for MoTV is yet to come
  Transition to LTE will wreak havoc in mobile chip landscape
  Google begins to move in the same social Circles as Facebook
  Real time chat is Googles next frontier in browser wars
  YouTube may take another stab at pay TV competition
  Vizio Tablet looks good on paper But will it sell?
  Deals, launches and products
23 June, 2011
  Sigma launches palm sized set top, adds Clearpath for HomePlug
  BT plans to be a super head end to all UK ISPs for Multicast TV
  LightSquared faces up to its spectrum conundrums but is it enough?
  Com Hem picks up 220,000 Swedish homes as Telenor bales out of cable
  So if the set top can become a plug, will it go away all together
  Broadband dominated by China, in IPTV Europe still leads
  Same old claims from Nielsen, it must wake up to Netflix realities
  Cable TV companies take aim at Netflix, other online video services
  Investment analysts on the state of the cable economy
  Two years on OnLive gets Intel backed gaming rival with Wal-Mart deal
  Deals, launches and products
16 June, 2011
  Intel gets into the Comcast product catalog At Broadcoms expense?
  Dish goes for jugular on S-Band with Terrestar bid
  Motorola unveils parallel DTCP-IP and cloud strategies for pay TV
  Broadcom tuner core slashes power/price reaches entire cable spectrum
  Apple undamaged by patent deal, but is it a change of fortune at Nokia?
  Could Facebook spiral out of control? If so do you want it on your TV?
  The cord cutting argument two more voices in favor
  5m US homes cut the cord and rely on free to air TV
  Comcast embraces Skype and only Skype for TV to TV chats
  MeeGo charges ahead in Smart TV market
  SeaChange offers TV Everywhere in a box plus Multiscreen ad insertion
  Sky UK follows German multiscreen strategy, way ahead of the crowd
  Deals, launches and products
9 June, 2011
  Forget watching games on the TV - Nintendo adds another screen
  EchoStar offers cablecos Aria hosted OTT service using Sling and Move
  Sony brings full 3D to every PlayStation for $500, give details on PS Vita
  Jobs unveils OS updates, but impresses only a little with iCloud plans
  Will the arrival of an App store on a TV near you lead to less TV viewing?
  Satellite industry to reach $20 billion a year by 2016 excluded from P1905.1 - not now, maybe later
  $ per megabit plummets in broadband, as users worry less about bandwidth
  Generation Y not connecting the cord to pay TV
  Verimatrix shifts the watermarking goalposts with studio help
  Microsoft touts voice search for video on Xbox is that the right way to go?
  eReaders double in the US, tablets reach 8%
  Deals, launches and products
2 June, 2011
  Qualcomm Atheros shamelessly copies Sigmas powerline strategy
  AT&T backs up HomeGrid promises and joins the board
  Celeno lands French major IPTVer for its video WiFi
  Qualcomm Atheros has three way WiFi/WiGig chip first in samples now
  Swisscom breaks the half million mark for TV customers
  Arris looks like the right home for SeaChange as it looks for bids
  Greek Deutsche subsidiary says no to snapping up RomTelecom shares
  Blockbuster begins tiny steps towards a new life under Dish
  Quantenna claims lead over wireline home networking
  Hard times for Sigma as revenues crash and it moves it into loss
  Sprint outlines just what is wrong with the AT&T T-Mob merger deal
  Cox ends plan to build 3G network
  Deals, launches and products
26 May, 2011
  Mobile TV rises from the ashes Market leader takes on cash to rekindle US
  Libertys bid for Barnes & Noble may not be entirely financial
  BT to embrace IPTV as it upgrades broadband network to multicast
  Deutsche Telekom is confident enough to talk about spending $39 billion
  Same message, different conclusions for speakers at UK TV summit
  DSL growth flattens, as PON fiber build outs take root
  Verizon FiOS could be available soon on just about any connected TV
  TiVo turns in best quarter ever, still has to turn the corner in core offerings wins P1905 skirmish, bigger battles may lie ahead
  MeeGo and Mango promise mobile web delights did Nokia choose right?
  Apple close to launching cloud music service
  Deals, launches and products
19 May, 2011
  Chinese build Hulu iPlayer catch-up services using Czech know-how
  Vodafone aims lowbrow, scattergun TV approach across Europe
  Cryptography expert joins licensing giant Rambus for $342.5 million
  Copyright expert calls for reforms, European patents and an Exchange
  UK expert waves prospect of international Digital Copyright Exchange
  Netflix jumps to 30% of US peak internet traffic, entertainment almost 50%
  Google washes the face of Google TV, pushes it as just part of Android
  RCS & RDS tries steal a piece of Romtelecom ahead of OTE
  Telefonica drops TV homes in Spain, relies on Latin America for growth
  Pay TV services to jump over $100 billion between now and 2015
  ActiveVideo says court decision favors it against Verizons FiOS
  Google launches cloud-based music locker
  Warner Music acquired by Access Industries
  Deals, launches and products
12 May, 2011
  Netflix courts Latin American content but is that its next destination?
  TiVo signs Premiere box to deliver Comcast Xfinity programming
  YouTube adds 3,000 me-too movies but needs its own content engine
  Microsoft digs a grave for Skype by buying it
  Mobile analyst subjects AT&T T-Mob merger to HHI3 scrutiny
  Motorola sees dawn of multiscreen in SunUp buy
  LG adds $129 TV adapter for OTT services, adds App Store
  New version of Google TV coming
  Visa puts cat among the NFC pigeons with m-wallet launch
  TI deal may resurrect Neonode
  News Corp down on weak movie revenues
  Pace stock flounders after Tsunami shock, but how well are its rivals?
  Deals, launches and products
5 May, 2011
  Dad did you fight in the TiVo Dish EchoStar war? And who won?
  Satellite to overtake cable TV in Europe by 2014 IPTV catching fast
  Intel wants to make 3D chips to solve Watts per Mip conundrum
  Dishs plan - Like a Seinfeld episode, will come together at the end
  Euro Telcos in trouble over broadband as fiber investment looks tough
  France Telecom continues pay TV strength, others flat or worse
  KPN buys up customer rights for CAIW cable in Netherlands
  US home video viewing changing dramatically as DVDs falter
  Nielsen says less US homes have TV viewing patterns more complex
  Amazons tablet plans may unnerve Apple, Nokias will not (yet)
  KPN steps out of line with European Commission neutrality principles
  Deals, launches and products
28 April, 2011
  Wall Street love affair with Netflix suffers first tiff
  Major US telcos continue to surge in TV connections, wireline recovery and HomePlug get tetchy over which will conquer the world
  Sony brings two tablets to town, one you can fold up and put away
  Why arent and HomePNA included in P1905?
  BT plans to use YouView just for marketing, with no OTT in sight
  MIPS ports Honeycomb, chases tablets and Google TV
  Crackle adds Apps for free movies & TV shows
  One online music locker arrives and suddenly theres a bunch of them
  Nook gets upgrade to Android 2.2, adds 125 new Apps, keeps price
  iPad2 is component constrained - Apple shipment forecasts fall
  Microsoft-Nokia to push Navteq assets ahead in social location apps
  Deals, launches and products
21 April, 2011
  Dish reaches for Supreme Court as final chance to evade TiVo suit
  60 GHz wizard SiBeam falls cheaply to bigger brother
  Envivio picks up steam in 2010, readies IPO
  German broadcasters to appeal block on OTT service
  Commissioner will name and shame telcos who break Neutrality rules
  There are 8,600 Apps for how to skin a cat Broadcast is only one
  Be careful what you wish for - AT&T merger wishes may come true
  Ziggo ticks all the financial boxes in preparation for IPO
  Virgin takes 65,000 orders for TiVo, grows base, revenues up
  Apple sues Samsung ITC staffer says Apple patents not infringed by HTC
  AT&T rains on PlayBooks parade by blocking BlackBerry bridge
  YouView spec out, more set top players show their hand
  Samsung elegantly skips out disk - making a partner of Seagate for Flash
  Atheros pushes Wi-Fi into ZigBees territory
  Deals, launches and products
14 April, 2011
  Verizon makes a play to carry video content to any device on the planet
  Mobile TV dead but wont lie down - US signal now reaches 66% of homes
  Viacom sues to prevent Free online lunch for cablecos
  Amazon invokes music industry ire for introducing Cloud Drive
  Theater owners outraged at VoD movie plans, but what else can studios do?
  Rovi brings advertising to Smart TVs
  Googles YouTube goes for the OTT jugular, will add 20 Channels
  Nagra opens up CEA compliant route to CA on a MicroSD chip
  Brazil set to become manufacturing home for tablets for the region
  Chinese partnerships raise Intel's tablet hopes for MeeGo and Atom
  HTC takes tablet movies service onto next generation of phones
  On opposite sides of m-payments divide, Amex and AT&T make progress
  Deals, launches and products
7 April, 2011
  Dish says We bought Blockbuster Market says, What now?
  Quantenna wins favor at Motorola as its chip for video WiFi
  Liberty Global supposed deal with Ziggo is all smoke and mirrors
  Breakthrough for touch screens shatters price curve, drives down power
  Spanish pay TV only in growth because of upstart DTT soccer service
  Sony and Acer arrive late in the Tablet market
  Telefonica alleged to have abused Czech DSL market with margin squeeze
  Nearly all western cellcos will adopt traffic shaping by 2013
  Sprint and Amazon join push to make 2012 the year of NFC
  Mergers and IPOs raising as financial players recover from debt crisis
  Hulu Plus numbers blurted from blog, open to many interpretations
  VMIX offers platform for renting movies on Facebook
  Deals, launches and products
31 March, 2011
  Korean lines up as one bidder in Blockbuster auction
  Rovi suffers final Virgin defiance over core EPG patents
  By moving to the cloud Amazon opens door on the simplest of rights lockers
  CMMB tries sneak attack in the US, on back of wide eco-system
  Apple 1 Nokia 1 Apple draws level in ITC legal wins with Nokia
  Second investor voice points to Apple joining connected TV battleground
  Netherlands doesnt take to DVB-H, as KPN throws in the towel
  Romanian pay TV consolidation accelerates Liberty may bow out
  Honeycomb delay deepens concerns over control of Android experience
  Verimatrix in German marriage of Comvenience
  Google adds Apple style in-App billing feature on Android market
  RIM PlayBook to launch with too many risk factors
  Deals, launches and products
24 March, 2011
  Suppliers help Telcos reshape in CDN image to stave of ravages of video
  Motorola adds last stroke to TV Everywhere strategy with Dreampark buy
  New German Liberty Global deal may prick the interest of Euro regulators
  Celeno admits to deal with Deutsche on WiFi for T-Entertain
  AT&T and the Giant Peach (or the Big Friendly Giant - part II)
  Homegrid claims war is won in the US
  Pay TV strikes back partnering on Adobe secure TV Anywhere
  Netflix sets the pace for Pay-TV by threatening premium channels
  ZTE 100 Mbps DSL devices turn out to have Ikanos inside
  Amimon takes $15 million to push the non-WiFi ticket, in WiFis space
  Deals, launches and products
17 March, 2011
  Ikanos to use IPTV show as springboard for 100 Mbps DSL chip
  The Heath Robinson approach to offering a Netflix service
  Dish reveals major case of Sour Grapes over Qualcomm spectrum sale
  US OLED specialist doubles as industry takes first volume steps
  AT&T broadband cap is great as long as traffic shaping not also planned
  Finnish islands will switch to Dreamgallery IPTV middleware
  Viaccess enables Russian DTH provider to extend through ISPs
  Social TV - 80% chat online with friends while watching the same show
  Zune end of life in sight WP 7 software platform only, from here on in
  Sony Reorganizes for convergence, again
  Intel promises 10W Atom to wrongfoot ARM in microserver race
  Amazon is brightest hope of a viable alternative to iPad
  Deals, launches and products
10 March, 2011
  Facebook shows first move towards video social networking tie up
  Pace stock trashed by over 20% by one unspecified US customer delay
  TiVo lines up war chest to chase Intellectual Property suits
  US grows 0.2% in Pay TV in a quarter, Europe manages 3%
  Just who will pay for the next TV advertising revolution
  NDS takes strain for App developers targeting pay TV
  Hard man set top guru Sugar called up to bash heads at YouView
  European patent enforcement pushed aside by EU Court of Justice
  WD shells out for Hitachi storage not all contractions lead to birth
  This TV survey could bankrupt us! Ignore it then.
  Runners and riders set for HD Video over WiFi race
  $1bn, the price of Nokia killing its cross-platform strategy
  Deals, launches and products
3 March, 2011
  Deutsche Telekom puts cable TV in an IPTV and satellite service squeeze
  Now Motorola tries trumped up patent charges against TiVo
  Bankrupt Romanian DTH player absorbed into local DT owned telco
  Irdeto puts Cloakware center stage in OTT video systems
  Kabel BW bids are in, but are they really high enough to win the prize
  Technicolor grows again, delists from NYSE, has positive cash flow
  TiVo still in downward spiral despite design wins in US, Europe
  Motorola Invests in Company with Digital Rights Locker Technology
  Pay TV thriving and driving across US and European results season
  HDBase T adds 23 new members, but few heavyweights
  Universal TV chip puts Mirics in pole position for Netbook TV
  Apple adds dual core A5 chip to iPad 2, sticks to March delivery
  Intel divided on whether mobile processors can make the grade in servers
  Ciscos Carrier Wi-Fi strategy puts 802.11u in the spotlight
  Deals, launches and products
24 February, 2011
  Amazon confirms the terms of its declaration of war on Netflix
  DirecTV continues Latin American miracle with 1.2 million adds for year
  Zoran snapped up by hungry CSR becomes $1 billion class chip player
  Blockbuster creditors seize auction initiative from bankruptcy court
  Imagine a world where no-one much cares for an iPhone Youre living in it
  ADB preps US breakthrough with two tier one cablcos, $500m 2011
  KDG shares slide, on an unspectacular job well done
  Virgin top of Euro Pay TV results, Zon doing nicely, aonTV stumbling along
  Cisco appoints first COO to kickstart growth
  Three IEEE efforts target new short range wireless standards
  Splashtop releases MeeGo-based OS for OEMs
  Aiming for every device - Netflix comes to Boxee
  Viasat offers Viaplay for OTT sport, movies and more for cash
  Deals, launches and products
17 February, 2011
  Whats European Cable Worth? With no answer Cable has no way forward
  Bun fight at the OK Corral - Tivo and NDS take it outside in Lucerne
  Cable Congress: The numbers Cash up, digital up, total TV subs down
  Latin America pay TV surge shown in new Rethink report
  Viasat prefers third party TV adds; Telus IPTV growing fast
  AT&T rumors over Dish are poor thinking on a slow day
  Nokia could make no other decision But that doesnt make WP7 right
  Qualcomm romps back into ARM based power leadership, pushed own GPUs
  Xperia Play calls to 200 million ex-Kids, gets Verizon boost
  Rovi, Myriad bring Android apps and content to almost any device
  LG Tries to stop Sony PS3, Bravia sales in US
  Deals, launches and products
10 February, 2011
  Sony-Google axis to take on Apple in touch based gaming
  Texas brandishes ARM processing muscle in OMAP 5 SoC architecture
  EchoStar sleeping counter suit against TiVo can come back alive says judge
  Over the Top TV will never happen Part II
  Rovi looks to Android and cloud for final pinch of strategy
  YouView delay gives rivals more time to grab market share
  US online video viewing rises at 32%, comScore sees more video ads
  Meet the new iPad, same as the old iPad
  Honeycomb: Springtime and the promise of an open OS
  Why Apple MUST launch a Flat Television set - Or not
  iTunes dominant in internet VoD, but slipping into a war with Wal-Mart
  Qualcomm - Cut out the middle man, let handsets talk to one another
  Deals, launches and products
3 February, 2011
  Dish boss Ergen gambles $1 billion on MSS spectrum bid
  Samsung seeks for Holy Grail of display technology with Liquavista buy
  EMI acquired by Citigroup, refinanced, for one last tilt at survival
  Netflix plans international launch soon, on the back of astonishing adds
  Apple App Store policies will stoke consumer backlash and anti-trust moves
  Pay TV results trickle in AT&T, BSkyB numbers up, Ziggo ARPU growth
  Intel and Smart TVs Part II - Intuitive, Limitless, Extensible
  Fiber driving down cost per megabit broadband, DSL prices in free-fall
  Apple moves to secure touchscreen supply
  AT&T fills out its Android 4G lines with HTC and Motorola offerings
  Android faces potentially major copyright problems
  Deals, launches and products
27 January, 2011
  TiVo gets shot in arm from another major US cable network
  Microsoft tries ITC with last throw of dice in TiVo patent war
  Disney dumps Playdom staff, just 6 months after laying out $563 million
  NDS lands second Euro major for Snowflake and cloud recommendations
  Intel moves ahead in Smart TVs, Chrome laptops at CES
  IPTV numbers still flourishing at Verizon in the US and KPN in Europe
  New spec for CI Plus modules embraces VoD, DVR and stronger security
  Sony aims to take back the High Ground in online music from iTunes
  If Amazon likes LoveFiLM, then wouldnt it LOVE Netflix?
  Nvidia tantalizes with 4 cores at 1.5 GHz each for next years Tablets
  WebOS Tablet due Feb 9 Tablets wont cannibalize laptops says HP
  Deals, launches and products
20 January, 2011
  Handheld gaming prepares a last Hurrah for the old stagers
  Gaming content down even if you include App Store casual gaming
  Full blown Windows on ARM You can have it, but not now
  Microsoft TV appears in Intels CES booth in an Acer box
  Will WiMAX 2 do any better this time around
  A get well card to Steve Jobs from everyone
  Yahoo dominates the connected TV space
  Hong Kong aggregator takes Verimatrix DRM for HTTP Live Streaming
  Arqiva to stick to its broadcaster knitting and invite partners to help SeeSaw
  Nokia kills Comes With Music in all but six countries
  IPTV operators growing at 10 new operators a quarter says report
  Kudelski joins Korean DTH leader to build addressable, interactive ads
  Google only threat to Apple and Amazon in reading devices
  Deals, launches and products
13 January, 2011
  EchoStar pounces on patents of Move Networks to strengthen Sling range
  Panasonic pushes Skype in quiet, video message revolution, in the sitting room
  Sky Deutschland smashes customer and churn targets, inches towards profit
  Fixed broadband reaches over 500 million, IPTV moves past 40 million
  iPhone in, Android out at Verizon We think people are getting carried away
  LTE handsets to interfere with cable TV set tops? Are you mad?
  The years have chipped away at Conexant and now it is gone
  Falling inventories key to LCD TV production levels
  France Telecom offloads Polish broadcast assets, keeps mobile, pay TV
  Comcast NBC Universal deal conditions leaked in the US
  Google rejects H.264 in latest attempt to derail Apple
  Verizon boosts Z-Waves bid for smart home
  Intel runs Android on Atom, as its rivals target MeeGo for ARM
  Deals, launches and products
6 January, 2011
  The year of the Rabbit (in the headlights) Atheros accepts Qualcomm bid
  Motorola Xoom tablet wins admirers at CES
  Vizio TV maker the surprise entrant into tablets and phones at CES
  NDS picks ARM as the basis for its Infinite TV core
  Im in the Mood (y) for sticking my head in the sand
  Hulu pulls IPO due to short-term content contracts from parents
  Parks study says there will be 350 million internet connected TVs by 2015
  Despite report headline Online Video surge looks irrepressible
  Rovi plus Sonic plus Divx begins to look irresistible
  Celeno kicks off 2011 with another couple of significant design wins
  Austrias public broadcaster preps for next generation satellite service
  Europe takes big step towards unified patent process
  Qualcomm spectrum deal changes ALL spectrum values - eventually
  FCC pleases nobody with neutrality compromise
  Carriers will face delicate balancing act in world of dynamic spectrum
  Wi-Fi Direct threatens Bluetooth, forcing sharper focus on low energy
  Deals, launches and products
16 December, 2010
  Broadcom monster set top chip designed to outmuscle Intel CE chip range
  Novatel Wireless fires opening patents salvo in battle for cellular hotspots
  UPC bulks up in the competitive Polish pay TV landscape
  Google needs to be magnanimous with big content while it still can
  FCC survey shows why US consumers are scared of changing ISPs
  Mixed fortunes for wireless in US broadband plan
  Comcast has a new IP set top say reports - But what it does is a mystery
  Notes from Television 3.0
  Cutting the Cord dominates Communacopia conference
  Apple, Nokia and Google fight for Nortel patents
  More details surface on Stingray Tablet
  Broadcom has ARM SoC for low cost Android handsets, built in WiFi hotspot
  Intel says it has 35 Tablet wins
  Deals, launches and products
9 December, 2010
  Barnes and Noble may have a White Knight in its battle for a digital future
  What could Google possibly want out of buying Widevine?
  Yahoo! and AOL five years later this time its nowhere near as important
  Mobile TV in Africa has had to find its own way as Europe shuns DVB-H
  Verizon boss claims LTE will eat into cable networks
  Notes from a Shopping Trip to Best Buy On the Sunday after Black Friday
  Germanys number three cable operator prefers IPO to sale
  Sigma Designs ships 20 millionth HomePNA chip
  German cabler puts internet interactivity into its HD VoD viewing
  Welsh mountains to get LTE broadband where there are no wires
  Adaptive video fix for fringsters
  AT&T's customer ratings slump as it faces iPhone loss
  Deals, launches and products
2 December, 2010
  Virgin squeezes TiVo based service out the door in time for Christmas
  Its not too late to save Google TV, but basically its still in Beta
  DVB-T2 sneaks past DVB-T and ISDB-T to win out in Southern Africa
  Microsoft rumors of Xbox TV about as credible as Apple TV
  An elephant in your living room? - Sooner or later it will make a huge mess
  Phantom Mode DSL patents now in a ready-made bundle from Assia
  Camera leaders and SanDisk propose Flash format for RAW video
  Europe decides that Googles search business is worth a dig after all
  AT&T says it has HBO and Cinemax on handsets, free to U-Verse customers
  Sony announces 4.1 million Moves moved
  US internet ad revenues back on track for growth
  Broadcom swoops for Israeli mobile graphics enhancement firm
  Deals, launches and products
25 November, 2010
  Broadcom pounces on Gigle to break into HomePlug AV and
  The Pearl of the West MCV has the CV to wake US up to mobile TV
  TiVo results show it is still cutting OTT deals in Europe, as US revenues fall
  Dynamically controlling DSL lines could double throughput for IPTV
  Airties merges WiFi and IPTV, accelerates rush to home gateways
  Palm to copy Streak, Apple planning worldpad?
  Acer unveils five touch devices and a store
  Cox adds its own cellular network in 3 territories, offers quad play bundles
  Not enough Copper to wire up China so ZJF acquires Firecomms
  Verizon actually offering 150 Mbps throughout FiOS footprint
  UK video search pioneer finds place in future of TV search
  Sony finally delivers on the old Qriocity shop in Europe
  Siano does its second chip for TV, first for HD, in Latin America
  Innofidei fails to upset CMMB status quo with dubious legal claims
  Deals, launches and products
18 November, 2010
  FCC seeks tiny ivi internet broadcaster comments on Comcast content deals
  Liberty Global puts cash into HD video WiFi specialist
  Hybrid analog/digital mobile TV chip readied for Latin America
  Putting the internet into Neutral (or Neutering the net)?
  New widget platform taken on by Nokia Siemens for IPTV with social links
  Europes top cableco loses 118k subs, but scores with debt agency
  Netgear launches supercharged Wi-Fi gear for HD & 3D streams
  Tablet sales may disappoint this year say analysts
  Comcast puts predictable iPad app out, Android to follow
  Cloud services give tablet vendors a chance to distance themselves from Apple
  Augmented reality to grow to $2 billion in apps by 2015
  Hulu Plus goes out of Beta and into trouble with its first price cut
  iiNet launches Internet-based IPTV in Australia
  Intel Capital plows $77 million mostly into new video business models
  Deals, launches and products
11 November, 2010
  Cable takes brunt of customer losses, Pay TV everywhere shudders
  Broadband? Certainly. Silver, Gold, Platinum? How far away do you live?
  Mirics turns PC servers into multi-tuner DVRs for $5 BOM
  IPWireless gets ST-Ericsson behind IMB chip designs for 3GPP mobile TV
  Edgeware servers added to Minerva xTVFusion middleware mix
  US DVD Kiosk leader wants to challenge Netflix online movies
  Ofcom sets stage for white spaces services, changes mind on refarming
  Clearwire continues to hold the cards in tense funding game
  Eastern Canada gets faster broadband than most of US
  Apples iPad lead will quickly come under pressure from Google and Nokia
  iPad too expensive says UK survey most consumers will wait
  Intel says Oak Trail for Tablets is due early 2011
  DirecTV on track in US, strong in Latin America Dish dour and losing subs
  Deals, launches and products
4 November, 2010
  Deutsche breaks 1m IPTV barrier 9 months late, eyes rest of Europe for TV
  Apple view of patent issues versus Nokia not shared by ITC staff
  Belgacom still ramping IPTV, readies internet Entertainment options
  TeliaSonera rushing towards 1 million IPTV homes, after cable sell off
  Smartphones in the US Once youve had Android theres no going back
  Harris picks up new Mobile DTV partner in South East US
  Microsoft buys rival company to underlying Kinect technology
  Entone offers telcos route to OTT services without IPTV investment
  The Nook comes out fighting with color Tablet version for $249
  Sagem get into eReaders with White Label Binder, in France and Italy
  HP aims Windows 7-based tablet at IT market
  Microsoft trails badly in Tablets
  Technicolor launches Media Touch 2 tablet
  AT&T U-Verse IPTV gets a big dose of live Basketball
  Time Warner improves on TV subs strength, advertising - films weaker
  Deals, launches and products
28 October, 2010
  Sigma makes first chess move in MoCa home network wars
  Netflix eats 20% peak US internet, some US users download 5 TB a month
  Now NSN gets into Phantom Mode for DSL, along with Alcatel, Huawei
  Top US free TV blocked for Google TV, paid content appears to be free
  Laugh long and laugh loud Apple to buy Sony?
  KPN IPTV numbers surge in Q3, installing up to 5,000 a week
  AT&T, Verizon pass 6 million combined TV subs in U-Verse/FiOS
  Netflix quarterly numbers blow the roof off
  DVB-H gets another setback, while rival IMB gets a Samsung boost
  Nokia merges MeeGo and Symbian development plans
  Everyone is after Android, because they know its taking leadership
  Sky lands Belgian pirates in prison and collects 2m in damages
  Deals, launches and products
21 October, 2010
  Is DLNA worth the 7 year struggle which has brought it to the edge of mobile
  All is blue sky for Apple and momentum can disguise many technology cracks
  DVB-H support goes from weak to almost non-existent
  Hybrid IPTV? Why not deliver it on a hybrid network says Atheros
  Motorola goes after Apples 1990s programming patents
  Internet TV is dead - Canvas gets the all-clear
  Apple TV selling out
  US video telephony use surging on back of tablets and ubiquitous Camcorders
  Android Gingerbread should be ready for CES launches
  Ruckus wants to convince western Cellcos that WiFi is the way
  Deals, launches and products
14 October, 2010
  First ever Asian WiMAX DTT hybrid TV falls to tiny Sezmi
  MGM about to change hands again, for $3 billion less than last time
  Motorola added to cellular players pushing Apple for patents swaps
  Microsoft steers OEMs away from putting Phone 7 on Tablets
  Remember be careful out there the Faultline is rough
  BT to be one of first European Telcos to unbundle fiber lines
  Veebeam lands cash to bring old Wireless USB TV to market
  Sigma looks to Android despite DVD and Mediaroom credentials
  Intel sets out tablet stall but Atom revenues fall
  Wal-Mart to follow Best Buy into selling iPads across US
  Google TV devices emerge from Sony in time for US holidays
  Microsoft hullabaloo over impending Windows Phone 7 handsets
  Broadcom Beceem buy takes it into 4G handsets
  US numbers show Internet advertising is back on track
  Deals, launches and products
7 October, 2010
  TiVo DOES own the patents to DVRs and thats final says USPTO
  ATSC Mobile TV alive and well and about to emerge as a US force
  Vodafone takes on Telefonica in hybrid Web TV in its own back yard
  Google TV uncovers some media partnerhips but nothing decisive
  Widevine adaptive streaming upgrades Telstra to real IPTV
  Roku, TiVo, Sony, Vizio, Xbox Live to Get Hulu Premium
  Hands On with the New Apple TV
  Qualcomm shutters FLO TV MediaFLO not far behind
  China and Latin America gear up for Mobile TV and digital TV
  Toshiba to market low priced personal 3D TVs by Christmas
  Samsung Tab shoots for US enterprise apps with Pyxis partnership
  New iPod Touch has repeatable Bluetooth glitch, but says its a first
  Cynical interventions - Microsoft vs Motorola, Oracle vs Android
  Net neutrality bill fails, ball back with the FCC
  Opera looks to dominate mobile ads on featurephones
  Deals, launches and products
30 September, 2010
  Nintendo numbers savaged by Touch paradigm of iPod, iPad
  RIM opens its PlayBook and its clear Tablets set for dominance
  Studio group readies $30 a time cable movie store ahead of PPV
  Telegent introduces hybrid mobile TV chip for Latin America
  Is Netflix poised for era of dominance in global online movie delivery?
  European CE markets up, but many individual regions are shrinking
  Amazons Android store this one should scare Google
  Its the recession stupid - internet video revolution has NOT begun
  Sony readies Europe launch of Apple TV rival
  US bill may sneak through this year to bring basic net neutrality
  Pace brings Apps to pay TV set tops - may add Google TV
  ABC, CBS launch must have iPad Apps for watching TV, sports
  MIPS drums up interest citing Android performance and Tablets
  Deals, launches and products
23 September, 2010
  Rovi triggers rumors of Apple entering TV market yet again
  Move granted adaptive streaming patent, considers next steps
  ADB takes direct route onto the iPad with in home TV services
  IPTV flies on the back of Broadband growth, keeps step
  Edgeware expects OTT goldrush in 2010, claims its out on its own
  Sigma shows HomePlug MIMO, as Broadcom plays catch up
  Viaccess CA adds defense against real time control word sharing
  Verimatrix finds many ways to lean into the OTT task ahead
  Irdeto see fruits of Viasat and Sky Deutschland OTT services
  Tiny US OTT firm sues to be allowed to rebroadcast content
  Facebook denies wanting its own OS and mobile platform
  Nokias new MeeGo chief sets out his stall
  Dell shows off Duo Netvertible concept at IDF
  Deals, launches and products
16 September, 2010
  Intel ties in set top majors as CE chip gets a refurb
  Bell Canada comes out fighting in IPTV after 7 years of delay
  IBC faithful present arms for the OTT war but wheres the money?
  Israeli start up Celeno lands several big video WiFi fish
  Nokia Siemens Ubiquity adopts a cloud based multiscreen strategy
  Nextgen, Alcatel-Lucent demo 100 Gbps backbone
  Avaya chases Cisco with videoconferencing tablet
  Is it worth waiting until tablets run Android Market?
  Mirasol eReader screen from Qualcomm ready first half 2011
  Apple to sell 28m iPads, 52m iPhones in 2011
  Apple games about to overtake Nintendo in the US
  Nokia welcomes new CEO with barrage of Symbian ^3 smartphones
  Deals, launches and products
9 September, 2010
  Apple climbs down on Adobe Flash, levels playing field with Android
  Vodafone tries again with pay TV in Germany with NDS technology
  DVB-C2 test points to huge throughput gains for cable but when?
  Does cable really have such an advantage over European Telcos?
  Why Apple will not break the mould with the latest Apple TV
  Three top IPTVers team up for fast track integrated OTT system
  French Anevia bundles multiple streaming protocols into OTT server
  Zoran acquires Microtune as silicon tuners are about to get hot
  Sony shows Google TV inside, which implies Intel Right?
  Samsung 7 inch Tab signed by Vodafone in Europe, 3 in the UK
  Telstra launches world's fastest mobile broadband
  Qualcomm readies dual 1.5 GHz ARM cores, repositions Brew
  Nokias new N8 goes on pre-sale now, has headset for DVB-H TV
  Worthy iPad competitors won't appear until 2011 says Rider
  Deals, launches and products
2 September, 2010
  Apple loses plot, and the war in OTT video with so, so Apple TV
  Intel PC numbers topple Is it the Economy or the rise of the Tablet?
  Napster 10m tracks among first Samsung TV apps
  MaxLinear first to jump on ATSC M/H chip bandwagon, after LG
  AMD, Intel launch low-power, dual-core CPUs for Netbooks, Tablets
  Archos promises Android Tablets and media players
  Pandora, Spotify bring new features to online music
  Nintendo cuts handheld prices ahead of Sony in run up to Christmas
  For TiVo believers results add up to a successful change in direction
  FCC readies rules for white space broadband
  Marvell broadens base with DS2 Powerline buy, PND win
  Fastweb partner justAd.TV to unearth interactive Ad platform
  Paul Allen takes on internet majors in futile legal actions
  Netflix has movies, TV streamed for the iPhone ahead of Apple
  Skype buy could boost Ciscos mobile and UC strategies
  Deals, launches and products
26 August, 2010
  Broadcom rides the ISDB-T train to Latin America
  Dish has video Portal and Placeshifting all in one place
  OTT is never gonna happen enlightened or the dark before dawn?
  Should TV apps sit in the cloud or in the TV? Discuss
  Not with a whimper, but with a crash, Pay TV begins long US slide
  Verizon has iPad TV app as dry run for the real thing
  Broadband pricing in US and Europe now sliding post recession
  Ruckus lands Telstra deal for video WiFi in its T-Box
  UK youth culture squeezes 9 hours of media into 7 hours of the day
  LightSquared boosts capacity with Inmarsat spectrum deal
  Japan stalls KDDI on MediaFLO, could opt for ISDB-Tmm
  Vodafone puts DLNA on Huawei MiFi device
  Widevine ties up Boxee for DRM and streaming
  Intel buying MacAfee may be a deal whos time has come
  Deals, launches and products
19 August, 2010
  Intel buys Texas cable unit for front attack on Broadcom heartlands
  Should Hulu IPO? As certain a bet as YouTube was for Google
  iPhone could embrace NFC to build m-commerce head start
  Emerging portable needs seem to point to two clear, related devices
  No New Wires to ship 200m chips, reach 110m homes in 2015
  Facebook and Congress fight Google sell out of Network Neutrality
  Two firms bolster WiFi to plug straight into cables DOCSIS
  PlayStation phone suddenly back on the cards for this Christmas
  Tablet Watch from our partners at Rider Research
  Verizon CFO: Tablets coming in 'Not to distant future'
  Apple iTV drum beating returns, but TV strategy remains unclear
  Deals, launches and products
12 August, 2010
  DirecTV results show a stable Latin America, eager for pay TV
  Google and Verizon proposal puts traffic lights on the internet
  Amazon will design more content specific gadgets, perhaps a phone
  ST Micro shifts up gears to HD for leading Indian DTH player
  Audiovox offers belated portable DVD player for FLO
  Netflix conquering the movie world inch by inch
  CBS has Hulu on the brain
  Canvas lines up set tops makers with some big names missing
  Sezmi jumps from LA launch to half US states with $5 cable service
  Dell shows a mean Streak to the Apple world
  Netbooks not dead, but dying
  U-Verse customers can get pay TV service on iPhone sort of
  Microsoft demos digital home of the future
  Deals, launches and products
5 August, 2010
  Telefonica, French telcos surge in IPTV Liberty drives up RGUs
  Technicolor wins deal for 300 Mbps Euro DOCSIS at UPC
  One Motorola tablet will act as TV gateway for Verizons FiOS
  AOL sell offs drive revenues off cliff Execs focus on positives
  MaxLinear reports major tuner deal, numbers bang in line
  China Telecom buys Celeno Wi-Fi set tops to stream HD video
  Homeplug selects technologies that will see it through to AV2
  Comcast adds 118,000 broadband subscribers, 230,000 for phone
  Sony rides on currency, TV sales, camera and gaming dominance
  Panasonic introduces first camcorder that takes 3D the HD SDT750
  Amazon trebles Kindle sales, has new devices, cheaper, lighter, better
  LCD TV shipments hiccup badly in Summer sales drought
  RIM tries to set world alight with Torch but may just singe AT&T
  Android brushes past Apple now Android Market is the Holy Grail
  Virgin has iPlayer style player, complains on Canvas, lines up Cisco
  Deals, launches and products
29 July, 2010
  Pace buys 2Wire, sees convergence between gateways and set tops
  Disney throws $763 million at bringing its brands to social gaming
  Qualcomm puts for sale sign up at FLO TV, wont sell spectrum
  Technicolor gives Grass Valley away for less than it paid in 2001
  Apple plans to hand App developers the power of a GPU
  Amino numbers show IPTV set tops motoring in Europe
  Small jump at Virgin Media but its still a record since merger
  AT&T hits first $1b U-Verse TV quarter
  DECE UltraViolet Buy Once, Play Anywhere
  EITO says Blu-ray sales to double in Europe UK, Germany lead
  Broadcom grows 54% compared to difficult 2009
  If the OS giants wont open up, the market will force them
  ARM has strong second quarter on all fronts
  Deals, launches and products
15 July, 2010
  Cogo blurts out Chinas HDTV secret driving to 30m by 2012
  Netgem gives MaxLinear huge boost to silicon tuner revenues
  Is iTunes TV around the corner?
  Canvas unlikely to be phased by Virgin legalities or Fives departure
  Comcast price hikes, low satisfaction could signal demise of cable
  Google launches Lean Back to be more like TV
  Panasonic Viera signs for out of date Hollywood movie service
  Survey tries to find differences between online and mobile games
  Japans 3G leader eyeing handheld game consoles
  World's best broadband deal: 1Gbps for $26 a month
  Frances TNTSat surges to 2.3 million homes, adds 800,000
  Google launches App Inventor to drive Apps from non-nerds
  Fring and Skype fall out badly after video calling app takes off
  NTP sues everyone over email delivery on wireless
  Deals, launches and products
8 July, 2010
  Kabel BW takes MVNO as Telefonica partners all DTs rivals
  Netflix touts online deal as landmark, but still has far to go
  Reports of Moves death are grossly exaggerated or are they?
  Motorola filings give full weight to the demise of its Home business
  IPTV will grow to 102m homes, $46 billion revenues says report
  Pixel Qi puts DIY hybrid e-ink LCD screen to market and sells out
  Is the iPad denting sales of ebook readers like the Kindle and Nook?
  OnLive online competition ready before others can get LEGO game
  Apple could face EU probe under new antitrust rules
  Silverlight comes to Symbian at last, Android may be next
  HSPA accounts for 17% of European broadband
  Deals, launches and products
1 July, 2010
  So it begins, a war for Middle Earth US OTT battle lines drawn
  Viacom legal moves could be halted if Google rethinks its terms
  TiVo lands second major European Pay TV OTT hybrid in Spain
  HDBase T emerges at 10 Gbps, ready to take on HDMI and MoCA
  Droid X brings mobile movies to your TV, with Blockbuster deal
  Mitsubishi tries to bring back appeal to eco-friendly RP TVs
  Prysm pushes laser phosphor displays to break LCD blockade
  Cisco fires off a tablet just right for enterprise video conferencing
  Amazon, Barnes & Noble cut eReader prices to under $200
  Mobile phone and pay-TV Services may offer their own tablets
  Siano drifts into software to consolidate CMMB lead
  Mobile app firm asks customers whats the best App Store
  UK readies itself for new regime of product placement on TV
  Apple tweaks terms, primes OS4 for location based advertising
  Deals, launches and products
24 June, 2010
  IMB emerges after long sleep IP Wireless, Ericsson push UK trial
  OMVC tries to rustle up excitement in watching TV on the move
  Nokia opens Pandoras box with Conspiracy for Good Heroes game
  Adobe addresses Apple power issues directly in Flash 10.1 mobile
  Sonic Solutions drags Sears into the online movie business
  Super Apple Mini looks like expensive replacement for Apple TV
  Imagine a China which had all the worlds IPR instead of the US
  ZTE awarded major contract in Chinese fiber upgrade
  Shaw adds yet another TV Everywhere service in Canada
  UK start-up promises rural broadband without DSL
  Broadcom buys Innovision for NFC growth
  AT&T, Apple pull iPhone 4 pre-orders after huge web surge
  Blockbuster in death throes, re-jigs stock to stay public
  Internet ad revenue about to pass newspapers
  iPads other tablets to kill netbooks
  Deals, launches and products
17 June, 2010
  Apple needs to be more dominant for anti-trust authorities to act
  Microsoft, Cisco pioneer Mediaroom TV on DOCSIS in Hungary
  Murdoch no longer needs cash for his Holy War, seeks to tidy BSkyB MAC agreed, attracts new players but success not guaranteed
  Google races to a streamed music service to counter iTunes moves
  MoCA rush is on to get version 2.0 to market, ahead of
  DT IPTV penetration slowing, but CEO says it must go mass market
  Western Digital adds $150 OTT video player for US and Europe
  Crackle cracks UK, Australian market
  Microsoft readies Project Natal motion sensing as Kinect at E3
  Ballmer responds to critics and the death of the PC
  Sony Ericsson bundles Skype into its top smartphones
  Deals, launches and products
10 June, 2010
  DirecTV unsheathes DVR Whole Home weapon triggers 2010 war
  Nielsen ready to re-enter public ownership as global TV powerhouse
  Apple doth protest too much iPhone 4 may be too small a step
  USPTO decides ten years on that maybe TiVos patents were obvious
  Silicon tuners to become $500 million chip market thru 2014
  Wi-Fi vendors chase high definition video gold
  Sony falls from grace, as Koreans strengthen grip on TV sales
  iPad brings smiles to News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch
  US Senate worries Comcast could crush Hulu
  Real VoD from Sky in the UK, to upgrade from Push VoD
  ARM and IBM, cluster of chip makers aim to simplify Linux SoCs
  MIPS will run Android Apps five times faster with Myriad VM
  Deals, launches and products
3 June, 2010
  DiVX follows On2s lead and gets itself acquired for $323 million
  Apple to make a come-back in TV, with $99 iPhone based set top
  Motorola puts icy set top grip on top end of 20% of Japanese homes
  Rogers goes up against Bell Canada TV Everywhere service
  Moses isnt the only one that can tinker with tablets
  SeaChange shows theres little future in VoD hardware, storage
  TiVo and Technicolor cosy up, today Europe, tomorrow the world
  Qualcomm and AT&T in ESPN pact to show World Cup Soccer
  Telegent highlights research showing UK consumers love mobile TV
  Acer revamps with 1GHz Stream phone, Kindle-alike and
  Qualcomm releases 3rd Gen Snapdragon to spur iPad rivals
  ASUS shifts netbooks to tablets, re-invents notebook range
  Amazon prepares next generation Kindle for the Summer
  Nvidia shows Android tablet, Dell picks UK for tablet foray
  Deals, launches and products
27 May, 2010
  Google TV: We expected so much, we got so little
  Pace is now number one in pay TV set tops so where is Motorola?
  Shadows fall over Apples European iPad launch
  E turns from Entertainment to Exit as Bach leaves Microsoft
  South Africa allocates MoTV license for World Cup too late
  Tvinci offers OTT with biz rules, pay plans to any internet device
  Hulu: Keep waiting on subscriptions
  Comcasts Plaxo tries it hand at social TV sharing on the web
  IBM and MediaTek show first fruits of 60GHz pact
  Nokia and Yahoo! swap brands to take on Google and the world
  Google needs to settle TV suit or lose relevance and ground to rivals
  Are Pico Projectors really needed in a world full of iPads?
  LG gets an update FLO phone into AT&T
  Researcher finds netbooks are bought for iPad reasons
  Deals, launches and products
20 May, 2010
  Liberty Global opens door for Intel at its 15m European customers
  Investor panic over patent case, but TiVo remains on course
  BT grabs a piece of OnLive gaming system
  Swedish stealth player ready to open up home wi-fi, FON style
  BT to spend on revamping Vision, adds paid DVB-T sports channels
  Vodafone coasts in recession 33% of revenues not cellular voice
  Cox picks Cisco multiroom DVRs - MoCA, tru2way, TV Anywhere
  Upfront tries to re-invent TV in the specter of Google and Apple
  The worlds developers were never going to stay in love with Apple
  Intel to launch 10 Gbps Light Peak fiber connectivity
  Philippines closes myTV, its last DVB-H mobile TV network
  Telegent may have pulled IPO because competitors hit its numbers
  Cisco purchase brings tablet UI and consumer design
  Deals, launches and products
13 May, 2010
  Will Dish and TiVo make up, play nice, become best of friends
  Message to tablet makers Eat fast, theres a T-Rex coming
  FCC touches political nerve by reaching for broadband regulation
  Old Hat Quad play will arrive in two years in the Netherlands
  SiBeam trumps Wi-Fi Alliances embrace of WiGig with hybrid chip
  Harmonic buys rapidly growing playout player Omneon
  The birth of a radical new investment environment for video
  News Corp to announce Pay-to-View policy in 3-4 weeks